What Is the Difference Between an RN & an RPN?

Every nursing professional is trained to help assist anyone with a medical need. There are several different specialties in the field, and each one has specific duties. Although both registered nurses (RN) and registered practical nurses (RPN) have many of the same specifications, there are a few differences that set them apart. Patient CareThere are several jobs that both RN and RPN will have to perform. One of them is the assessment of an incoming patient. Both professions require that vital signs, temperature and blood pressure are taken when a patient comes in; however, an RN will take the assessment a step further and use her clinical skills to get deeper insight into what is going o

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How to Change Between RPN & Algebraic Data-Entry Modes on an HP 33 Calculator
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The HP 33s scientific calculator is a professional calculator that includes 31 kilobytes (KB) of user memory and the ability to edit, undo or delete stored equations. The pocket-sized calculator also gives the user the ability to switch between algebraic (ALG) and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) data-entry modes. The algebraic mode is the typical mode used for calculating, and the RPN mode is used to receive intermediate results of calculations that are stored automatically.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press the "C" key on the calculator, which has the word "ON" displayed below it. Your calculator will turn on.
Press the left "Shift" key and then press the "RPN" key. You will then be in R
Difference between RPN & LPN
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Of the classifications of nurses, highly recognized accreditations are licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs). In education and qualification they are similar; the primary difference is that one is designated in Canada, the other in the United States. Licensed Practical NurseAn LPN is qualified in a number of patient care services, but must work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician, and the scope of care they can give is limited. The training for an LPN is approximately one to two years.
Registered Practical NurseThe RPN is a designation primarily in Ontario, Canada. They are essentially a licensed practical nurse, however this provi
Need information on query parameters for Google Books e.g. difference between &dq and &q, &f, &redir_esc, etc
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In books with "Snippet view" available (where you can view snippets of text in a page) to link to highlighted text represented by <search_string>, I can any one of the following forms of the URL:


In books with "Preview" available (where you can view full pages) links to highlighted text add &pg=<page_number> after &id

infix and RPN again
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get a gun
come on
you know you want to:blush:
i think i cracked it in the end, finally but yes tons of bugs or maybe its just the way it is
if we take this expression
a * ( b + c ) * d it gives me:
a b + c * d *
is it not meant to be:
and of course some calcs dont work out rite either, i think its bcos of the infix to RPN with the parentheses
Code: if(token.equals("("))
RPN & Functions
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I wrote a program a while back to take an Infix expression ("2 + 2 * 3") and convert it to Postfix notation (Reverse Polish) and evaluate it. Worked like a charm, and can handle things as complex as "2 * (4 + 5 / 5 * sin(490.333))"
Now what I'm wondering is if there is any way to implement functions with a variable number of arguments. The only bright ideas I've had so far is "don't" and to keep the first thing on the stack as a "# of parameters", for those functions that need them. So, say log could take either 1 or 2 parameters, and took the form log(number, [base]), where base is the optional parameter. So far, I suppose I could write:

RPN Calculator !
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I'm in the process of building a RPN calculator, but I am confused about how to store data from the user. If you take a look at the attachment picture, you will understand what I mean:
Attachment 10639
The Hints: section wants me to use the following code to read operators and operands:
scanf("%c", &ch);
If I'm entering long data, how is that possible?
Enter an RPN expression: 1 2 3 * + =
RPN inputter
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Could someone please tell me what these errors mean and how to fix them.

inputter.c: In function âget_next_tokenâ:inputter.c:21: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer without a castinputter.c:17: warning: unused variable âcur_posâ /* Get an RPN expression from the keyboard. * Accepts q as indictation that user wants to quit. * Skips over invalid characters. * Normal end of expression is '='. */#include <stdio.h>#include <ctype.h>#include "inputter.h"char *get_next_token(void){ //return "123"; int i = 0; char next_ch; static char input_buffer [1000] = {""};

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