How to Format a Letter Using a Default Left & Right Margin & a Two Inch Top Margin

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Word processors allow the user to type virtually anything and fine-tune the formatting of documents with a few clicks of the mouse. Tasks from changing font color and type to setting margins take a fraction of the time they took with older, analog methods. However, to properly adjust the margins of a letter document, you must use the correct steps for your word processing software. These steps vary between programs, but you can alter the margin settings of your letter with relative speed and ease.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions WordClick on the "File" menu and select "New" to open a new document.
Click on the "File" menu.
Click on the "Page Setup" selection.
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What is the biggest cons to use position: absolute & top/left over Float & margin+padding, If site is fixed width (970px), centered?

What is the biggest disadvantage to use CSS positioning(From Dreamweaver AP Div) for everything instead Float for fixed width, centered website?

if I don't care for

Mobile users
Small screen users (smaller than 1024
px screen size)

But I care for

Screen reader user
All browser user (including IE6)

IE randomly ignoring top-margin, left-margin of DIV style
I am using CSS to construct bar charts from nested DIVs. In general this
works fine. However, in certain circumstances I need to display multiple
charts inline. To get consistent results on IE and Moz I wrap each chart in
a <TABLE style="display: inline">. Unfortunately, IE ignores the top-margin
and left-margin properties of a few of the charts, which end up in the top
left corner of the page. The charts that get this treatment depends on the
size of browser window.
The problem goes away if I use display: block instead of display: inline
but for my purposes I need the charts displayed inline.
What is the meaning of Margin (example : margin-left & margin-top)?
I am confused on the meaning of "margin". Is it the distance from the browsers edges or the immediate parents edge.
I have the following example with 3 DIVs with the ids a,b & c. I have embedded b inside a and c inside b. I have put margin-left and margin-top for b and c 20px.
Why is it leaving a space between browsers top edge and the div "a" but no space between browsers left edge and the div "a" ?
Please have a look at the following example, I am a bit confused on this. I expected that margin-top would behave the same way as margin-left.
Html :
has some moderm browser deprecated the properties, margin-top, margin-left.....
I have noticed that moderm browser doesnt grab the effect of
Content has fixed left margin, & indents/wraps when adjcnt sibl wider than margin
In the pics below, the entire contents is held by a div with id content, which has a fixed width, and whose markup is:
HTML Code:
[2 column vertical fill layout] && [left, right v.s. margin-left, margin-right]
Hi, Im new to CSS styling and Im going crazy trying to get my layouts the same way as they were as tables. Any help is appreciated!
1. I need to split a page vertically into two sides, the right side having a constant width, the left side filling whatever width there is left and both sides spanning the height of the window. (I need the height because that section will be used to "overflow:hidden" child objects which are "position:absolute".
2. I cant figure out the difference between "left, right" and "margin-left, margin-right" except that the former seems to work with "position:absolute" and the latter with &q

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