How to Use Whose and Who's Correctly

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Although "whose" and "who's" sound the same, these words have
different meanings and spellings. Learn how to use "whose" and "who's"
correctly so your meaning will be clear. The apostrophe is key to
determining which spelling is correct.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Spell both words, and notice that "who's" has an
apostrophe. An apostrophe means that letters or words have been left
out. In this situation, "who's" is a short way to write "who
Decide which meaning you intend. Choose "who's" when you mean
"who is," as in "Who's going to clean the mud off this carpet?"
Replacing "who's" with "who is" makes sense in this context. If "who
is" doesn't make sense in the sentence,
It's a basic grammar and spelling rule you learned in grade school,
but the words "it's" (a contraction) and "its" (a possessive pronoun)
are often used incorrectly, thanks to that darn little apostrophe. The
following tips will help you understand the difference between "it's"
and "its" so that you'll always use them
properly.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Understand that the word
"it's" is a contraction of two words - "it" and "is" or "it" and "has"
- so it requires the use of an apostrophe. Try putting both words in
your sentence before using "it's" to see if it makes sense. For
example, the sentence "The dog chased its ball" simply wouldn't make
sense as "The dog chased it is ball."
The English language can be confusing. Almost every grammar rule has
exceptions and many words sound alike but are spelled differently and
have different meanings. These words are called homophones and they
often trip up even native English speakers. Go back over your document
to check "their," "there" and "they're"
and be sure you have spelled each one correctly. There are a couple of
tricks you can use to keep the spellings
straight.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
for learning, memorization and self-testing

the DifferenceStart with "there," the easiest of the three
words to learn. Use "t

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seen a server struggle to open
a bottle of wine? It's frustrating, because anyone who would bother to
buy (or bring) a bottle of wine to a meal probably knows how to uncork
it properly. The traditional waiter's key, or waiter's corkscrew,
works differently than the type in which arms rise on either side as
the screw cranks into the cork, but it is relatively easy to
master.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Waiter's corkscrew
Wine bottle

Cut the
FoilUse the blade of a corkscrew to cut foil from the top of the
bottle.Zedcor Wholly Owned/ ImagesOpen the blade
of the corkscrew. H

Food & Drink
My current scenario is this:
1 cable modem + 1 wireless router in
a room.
2 wireless laptops that connect to the wireless router
throughout the house
1 wireless desktop that connects to the
wireless router.
2 desktops in that same room that don't connect
to the internet at all.
I need a way to provide internet access
to the two PC's without getting each one a wireless card, because I'm
limited on cash at the moment.
here's what I have:
1 spare
linksys wireless router, 2 ethernet cables, DHCP Turbo 3.0, and 2
gigabit ethernet ports in the back of the wireless desktop.
thought is that I can somehow turn
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More
When I go to my laptop, running WinXP Pro, and select
'Start' 'Programs'
then right click on any listed folder or
shortcut there, I get a quick
'flash' of something. Too quick to
read anything...but no normal right click
menu! I use this to
re-sort the folders/programs on all of my other
machines, but it
won't even bring up the menu on the Laptop. I did a clean />install, from the HP disks, and everything went well, everything
else works
fine. Any ideas?
HP Pavilion ZE5500,
WinXP Pro
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More
I've had this problem for a while and all tech support for
my different
camera's keep ingoring me.
I am using windows
XP Professional SP2. Any usb camera i try to connect
gives me the
same error.
"cannot find required section in the INF"
believe i deleted something required while cleaning spyware,
etc. I don't want to reinstall the OS. Does anyone know
what files are
needed to install these. I've had the problem with
my IC100C Micro
Webcam, my Canon powershot A520 and my Canon
ZR300 DV camcorder. Any
help would be
So yesterday I took the GTX 550ti out of my arcade cabinet and put in
my primary development / gaming machine. Since I already had an 550
Ti in that machine I figured I would run them in SLI.
My primary
goal was to configure Surround across two monitors, however the
Surround configuration never popped up in the Nvidia Control panel, I
just ran two monitors off the first 550 and the second on the third
using the MiniHDMI since it was going to a TV I could use the Cards
audio chip for the TV audio when needed.
Nice and all, but I
don't know if I'm getting additional performance or if I would ever be
able to run surround? If not, then I'm not apposed to buying

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