Window XP still the best ?

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Window XP still the best ?
Hi all, like to
know anyone here still using Window XP ? Seems to me that win7 and
win8 not really user friendly and software bug. Because i am thinking
of upgrading my computer but wondering should change OS or not ? />Regards
On windows operating system How can we make a window an active window
(focussed window) using c/c++ programming.
I tried using
SetForegroundWindow() but it is not working. />AllowSetForegroundWindow() will work on Windows XP?
how please give me an idea regaurding this.
Programming Languages
Hello all,
Ive been all over without being able to find an
answer, so please help me out here
Im making a site using the
"onClick="MM_openBrWindow(name.htm,name,features)" to
open sub-sites.
How do I close this subsite from the first site
from which I originally opened the sub-site?
If it can be done,
can I use a map area on a picture in the 1.window, instead of text or
Thanks in advance...
Hi, I need my website to do something like this:
Window1: Click
New window opens (small, not maximized) (Window 2) />Window 2: Click link
Window 1 automatically changes its
address, and window 2 closes.
Is this possible?
Basically, I
want the user to click something like a file or name, and when a new
(smaller) window is created they can edit that file or name in there,
when they hit submit the small window closes and the original window
will refresh and show the new modification.
Hello everybody
Could someone please give me or tel me where may
I find free description of each of the following Netscape JS members
along with the syntax:
window.fullScreen. />window.scrollMaxX.
How do I open a new window, close the new window and refresh the
parent window?
OK, let me clarify:
1. I have a page:
This has a link to page2.html.
2. The link is
clicked and page2.html pops up in a new window.
3. page2.html has
a button that closes the window and gives the focus back to page1.html
(while refreshing page1.html).
Hope that explains it properly! />How do I do this?
I wasnt sure if this involved Javascript? />So, I thought Id try asking here.
Dear Friends,
In my web application (JSP application), I have an
online help. This will get popped up when you click on the help link
(as a child window). Once the help window is opened, user can continue
working with the main application. I want to close this child window
when I close the main application (parent window). Since the parent
window refreshes and reloads many times after the child window is
popped ups, I am loosing the reference of child window and hence I am
not able to close the child window when I close the web application
(parent window). Can any of you help me?
Thanks in advance. />123Sachin

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