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Anyone have wrapped their MBP?
Whether is it from DG lifestyle's klearZkin or from those push cart
might sound dumb but how do i make a container in css?
i have
been givin a code containing a wrapper/container on this forum but i
am wanting to know how to code them myself. anyone have a tutorial or
link to how to learn it?
Do you keep your game under wraps (top secret) until it is completey
finished, graphics, high score, etc... or do you offer a preview for
feedback to keep you from going off the deep end? If you preview it
does it reduce the excitement and impact at the time it is ready for
release? I would love to hear some other folks' opinions.
*This applies to commercial and "just for fun"
Design Software
Anyone have wrapped their MBP?
Whether is it from DG lifestyle's klearZkin or from those push cart
Wrist wraps
Where to get wrist wraps
locally? Wanna protect my wrist joints haha.
Anyone can share
what wrist wraps u using if u are and where u got them?
for not very expensive but at least durable.
I have my header cut into 3 pieces. Left piece which is 300
pixels, right piece is 150 pixels and center is just 1 pixel. Center
repeats and fits the full page. Everything works fine if the browser
window is bigger then 450 pixels but if the window is smaller than 450
then right side of the header wraps and comes to the next row. As I
increase the window size it moves up. I was wondering if its possible
to have the header not wrap. I have to work with an existing template
so I can only work with the CSS or Header code.
Thanks in
Here is the HTML:
************************ /><div class="BannerBGAboutUs">
I'm looking for digital artists (or anyone interested) who would be
willing to supply some awesome artwork for the wraps on my site. It is
a cool new product that makes any computer look awesome (the better
than airbrush solution).If you are interested contact me though my
website at www.timberwolfdigital.com

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