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Anyone have wrapped their MBP? Whether is it from DG lifestyle's klearZkin or from those push cart stall.
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from django.utils.functional import wraps and from functools import wraps
by GreenChile in Apple

What is the difference in functionality between from django.utils.functional import wraps and from functools import wraps?

i m using django 1.3 and python 2.4.i want to remove sensitive information from post data but django.views.decorators.debug is available only in django 1.4.So i c

DIY Car Wraps
by ajjaeger in Apple
Car wraps can be an effective advertising tool. All you need is a working knowledge of Photoshop, with a few basic skills in Adobe Illustrator. If you meet these prerequisites, you can save time and money designing the wrap yourself by following a few tips. By the time you take the design to the pri
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How to Put on Ace Wraps
by Edo in Apple
An Ace wrap is a woven elastic bandage which supports and compresses injured body parts. Compression reduces swelling and eases pain. An Ace wrap also protects bruises or cuts, by acting as an additional layer of padding and lessening the range of motion. Ace wraps are also used to assist with other
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COM DLL wraps around another COM DLL ?
by Matthiasa in Apple
We are using a tool that supports COM objects but it did not support custom data type (bummer!). So we plan to write a new COM DLL (called COMB.DLL) wrapping around that the old COM DLL (called COMA.DLL) and return only integer/string which the software tool can understand.
Would someone please
by James Clarke in Apple
Anyone have wrapped their MBP? Whether is it from DG lifestyle's klearZkin or from those push cart stall.
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Do I need all these wraps?
by cashshadow in Apple

I was thinking it might be possible just to have one wrap, rather than a seperate one on the header and footer as well.

Can this be done, can I have a single wrap container that puts the content in the middle at a fixed width on all elements?

Here is the jsfiddle:

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New wraps!
by Maxton in Apple
I'm looking for digital artists (or anyone interested) who would be willing to supply some awesome artwork for the wraps on my site. It is a cool new product that makes any computer look awesome (the better than airbrush solution).If you are interested contact me though my website at www.timberwolfd
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Sed wraps some lines, not all
by Maxton in Apple

Greetings. I am using SED to cleanup files that are laid out like so:


My boss wants file

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DIY Drum Wraps
by liganic in Apple
Drum skins are vinyl wraps that go around your drum shells. You can purchase drum skins in pre-designed patterns or even spend the money to have custom skins manufactured for your drum set. However, you could make your own custom skins and install them onto your drum set. You can go to just about an
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Vinyl Wraps.
by phokus in Apple
Hello all,
I love the look of my HTC one and i keep it in a leather slip case, however i worry about scratching it so i keep thinking about putting a full body Vinyl wrap on it similar to the well known wrap that you can get from the USA, what are everyone else's thoughts on it?
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