WTS Yogi Pee Tray

Edwin Goei
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WTS Yogi Pee Tray
52cm(W) x 43.5cm(L) x 3.5cm(H)
$30 (nego)
Used a few times, in 10/10 condition. Interested parties may either post here or PM me. Thanks.
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WTS Yogi Pee Tray
by Edwin Goei in Pets
WTS Yogi Pee Tray
52cm(W) x 43.5cm(L) x 3.5cm(H)
$30 (nego)
Used a few times, in 10/10 condition. Interested parties may either post here or PM me. Thanks.
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SWT System Tray - Linux GTK Gnome Tray icons with “SWT” String on tray
by Nothingness in Pets

I am configuring the system tray icons with the following code:

* Configura os ícones da shell principal
protected void setDiplayIcons(Shell shell){
Display display = shell.getDisplay();
InputStream inputImgTray = getClass().getClassLoader
by Flip504 in Pets
awsome site. nice layout.. good intro.
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Yogi Tea Detox
by Henschkowski in Pets
Detoxification functions to restore the body to its natural state of health. The practice involves cleaning the blood by regularly removing toxins that have entered the body. Those who practice this method usually detox once a year. The focus of detox is to remove impurities that have compromised th
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It's deja vu all over again - Yogi Berra
by cyclohexane in Pets
Since what I really want to say won't print, here goes the clean version...
After the pile of junk that was 9.10, there's a showstopper with the first 10.04 Beta? You've got to be kidding me.
I've been using Ubuntu since Breezy, including most of the dev releases, but, that's enough, I've
What Is the Difference Between a Yogi & a Yogini?
by AtenRa in Pets
Yoga is a traditional spiritual discipline with roots in Hindu philosophy. Yoga means union; the union of self and God. Yoga is the practice of merging with God that is done through mental, spiritual and physical practices. Yogi and yogini are related terms to describe a person who is a master pract
I hate Yogi bear
by Lafe in Pets
Well, i was quietly playing Angry Birds at work ,with the sound off,concentrating like mad,totally absorbed(sad i know).Then suddenly up comes a loud video trailer for the new Yogi bear film,made me jump a bit and caused raised eyebrows around the room.
I carried on playing ,and it popped
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How to Buy a Christmas Gift for a Yogi
by Barry in Pets
If a yogi is on your Christmas list this year, you may feel stumped as to what to buy. Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you make your decision. Yogis are generally interested in getting organic and socially responsible gifts. They are also committed to principles of non-greed and
Yogi Detox Tea Side Effects
by Aires in Pets
Many people swear by products like Yogi Detox Tea as part of their health regiment even though there is no evidence that this tea eliminates any toxins from the human body that the body is not able to expel on its own. But that does not stop people from using them. Before you consider drinking Yogi
How to Make a Yogi Bear Costume
by hyperNURb in Pets
Making a Yogi Bear costume can be an elaborate project, or it can be a simple task even non-sewers can complete. Follow the steps below and make a Yogi Bear costume.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Brown sweatsuit
1 yard brown fabric, knit or fleece
Fabric glue
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