Xbox live account

Xbox live account
Is it ok to log onto xbox
live account on an "evaluation" copy of win8.1?
Any one
tried? :(
I am beginning to build the quarter project for database
design class (we are using SQL). My intent is to build tables that
will automatically populate with my gamer information from my XBOX
LIVE profile. I have ran all of the code through an online JSON
formatting program to get a better idea of how to construct my tables.
I had never heard of JSON before yesterday (26APR) so this is all
very new to me.
My Question: Is it possible to use JSON in
conjunction with SQL to automatically populate my tables? Do I need
to use an intermediary language to bridge the gap between JSON and
Thanks for the help,
Changing Xbox Live Account
To change my
Xbox live account i need to reset phone to factory settings and
restart all over again right??
but will all the contacts in my
people be lost or it will be saved?
if it will be lost is there a
way to save them all somewhere??
thanks for the advice
Operating Systems
Xbox live account
Is it ok to log onto xbox
live account on an "evaluation" copy of win8.1?
Any one
tried? :(
Operating Systems
Archived from groups: (More info?)
happened to it?
It's mentioned all over the DVD sleeve but it's
nowhere to be found in
the disc.
Hello there, recently I bought a Xbox 360 on ebay; it worked perfectly
until I tried to go on Xbox Live with it. It came up with a message
saying 'This console is banned' or whatever.
Now the person who
sold the console claimed that the company test everything about the
Xbox before it is shipped.
So at first I thought it may be
modified but then I started to wonder: as I've used that hard drive
with the same XBL account on three different machines did Microsoft
think I was doing some kind of fraud and ban the console?
I can't
find information for this anywhere else. Any advice would be great. />Thanks.
I have a modem but still no Xbox Live- Steps and/or suggestions. It
doesn't connect to the broaband somehow.

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