yamaha flute student flute

yamaha flute student flute
thank you. item
has been SOLD :)
Any Flute Players Here?
Just wondering if
there is any flute players in the forum. And if anyone is willing to
provide free guidance to new flute player.
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WTS : Yamaha Flute YFL- 261
Hi! I am Wai
I want to sell my Yamaha Flute YFL- 261.
It's an open
hole flute. It comes with plastic tabs for the holes.
If you want
to close the holes, you can use the plastic tabs.
It have been
bought for 3 years. I seldom play the flute.
It is still in good
Condition: 9/10.
The other 1/10 - There are some
scratches on the mouthpiece.
Selling at $600.
Inclusive of
Basic : Cleaning Rod & Flute Box
Others : Cleaning
Cloth (used but still very clean, washable) + Cleaning Gauze(New, neve
Arts & Entertainment
yamaha flute student flute
thank you. item
has been SOLD :)
Arts & Entertainment
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fire red is the yellow flute from the game center worth the 1600 />coins or is it a one shot item??
And has any one got the berry
machine to work when useing the base
station and one GBA? />--
Richard The Blind Typer
Lets Hear It For Talking
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Anyone can give
me a tip on how to get that 70s flute sound that was
so common in
70s police series/movies. I dont mean the overblowing
buzz sound
but the deeper, low register flute sound they often used in
songs and surveillance scenes.
Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?)
It's been quite
some time since I've recorded any orchestral instruments, so
wanted to get your take on this, especially those of you who do a
amount of this sort of thing. I'm recording a couple of
pieces for a
flautist to use as an audition to perform at a
flute convention coming up in
San Diego, and last night I had
her come over to audition some different
mics & pres so she
could pick which setup she liked best before we actually
(that way she can just get right down to it & start playing in />earnest when we track the stuff). In any event, here's a link to

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