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Anyone here likes yoga? Share with us which yoga poses you like most and why you took up yoga! Inspired to keep fit? Peer influence? Keen interest? :s13:
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[News] Lenovo Extends Yoga Lineup With Yoga 2 Pro and ThinkPad Yoga
by Estonia in Sports & Fitness
[News] Lenovo Extends Yoga Lineup With Yoga 2 Pro and ThinkPad Yoga
Lenovo has just announced its new lineup of products at the IFA 2013, including two new Yoga devices. The Yoga 2 Pro comes as the successor to the original 13.3-inch Yoga, and the ThinkPad Yoga is built to
by itsmegb in Sports & Fitness
venue: Raffles Place (Ocean Financial Centre)

[Free][App][2.1+]Daily Yoga - Mobile Yoga Fitness On-the-Go!
by Pablo in Sports & Fitness
Daily Yoga is a comprehensive yoga app providing dynamic yoga classes on mobile phones. Fully compatible with almost all Android Phones and Tablets, Daily Yoga aims to bring about the most outstanding yoga experience. You will feel like attending a real yoga class whenever you want.
Ashtanga Yoga and Pre / Post Natal Yoga Classes
by Jon Riegel in Sports & Fitness
Ashtanga Yoga and Pre / Post Natal Yoga Classes
I have just come into Singapore and bringing with me 10 years of experience
in the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Style Yoga.
I teach an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa style class, inspired by Ashtanga and Iyen
How to Compare Power Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga
by KM. in Sports & Fitness
Ashtanga yoga is an ancient practice comprised of six different series of poses, which when followed in order allow each practitioner to progress in strength, flexibility and spiritually awareness at his own pace. Although based on the poses done in Ashtanga yoga, power yoga has been introduced to W
How to Organize a Yoga Workshopas a Yoga Teacher
by sirjoekcb in Sports & Fitness
If you have been teaching yoga for at least a few years and are very comfortable doing all that it entails: safe choreography of the asanas (poses) and establishing a regular following of students, consider organizing a workshop.Be certain you are not teaching or presenting anything that you have ju
How to Do Standing Yoga Mudra with a Yoga Strap
by MovingSpotlight in Sports & Fitness
Standing yoga mudra pose is a forward bending posture that helps to stretch and open the shoulders. It is a deep stretch that requires a certain level of flexibility on the shoulder joint. If you shoulders are very tight you may have difficulty going deep enough into the posture to gain a benefit. U
How to Become a Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance
by Rhoxed in Sports & Fitness
Yoga is a popular form of exercise. It can be used to increase flexibility, strength, and recover from injury. Becoming a yoga instructor takes time, discipline, and a passion for yoga and all that it can do for others.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Yoga DVD
How to Use Yoga Straps to Stretch in Yoga
by Wes in Sports & Fitness
Yoga straps are considered "yoga props." Yoga props (like straps, blocks and blankets) are designed to enhance the yoga practice. They allow beginning yogis to move into deeper stretches and help them with more difficult poses. For seasoned yogis, yoga straps help students perfect poses and help
IdeaPad Yoga Pro 2 or ThinkPad Yoga?
by DarkKnightDude in Sports & Fitness
I am deciding on a Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop and need some advice.
I basically search the web (at most 5-8 tabs at once), email, type documents, and play games from the app store (because it is a tablet too). I'm looking for a replacement laptop and an upgraded tablet. Business/Leisure.
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