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yorkshire owners club that
been looking... but cant find....
Is anyone from the area? Or have you been to Yorkshire? I am starting
up a Yorkshire lifestyle website called "In The Foot And
Mouth", and need stories/ articles on the area. We can't pay
anyone anything as we don't have any money as yet, we are approaching
the government for sponsership.
Also anyone interested in a
"sheep-shooting" holiday in Cumbria can contact me for more
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Just curious as to if there is anyone here on flashkit
from the
West Yorkshire area, i'm up in the Baildon area, although i'm a
Geordie by birth.
You never know I may have been chatting away
with someone down the road. Not likely but stranger things have
Mixter out
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...took these during my recent trip to England...c/c appreciated :) />http://www.ajs-design.de/SDB/england/eden.jpg
Swaledale />http://www.ajs-design.de/SDB/england/creek.jpg
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3 month old Yorkshire puppy for adoption /> 
Looking for a responsible owner to a 3 months and
14 days old female pedigree, Joey. Champion line blood. Jabbed,
dewormed & microchipped. Bundled with everyday necessities (food,
grooming, sleep, etc.) Interested text me 81275188 for more
details. />http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/694/img0752ih.jpg/ />http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/img0755za.jpg/
yorkshire club
yorkshire owners club that
been looking... but cant find....
I am new here and new to Access, but not new to IT. I started
working with DEC beasts talking to 'GEORGE' in the early 70s and doing
online scientific searches at Berkeley and Frascati at

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