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Your view: Enkei Rim
worth it? Saw it in the Chenjin trading..
Are they japan or Taiwan rim
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Your view: Enkei Rim
by Andrew in Cars
Your view: Enkei Rim
worth it? Saw it in the Chenjin trading..
Are they japan or Taiwan rim
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by Sankarsan Bose in Cars
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Specifications on Enkei Wheels
by Ted Leung in Cars
Enkei Wheels specializes in aftermarket custom wheels. The company supplies wheels with alloy technology. You can find aftermarket wheels for luxury vehicles, racing cars and SUVs. The majority of Enkei Wheels products feature the Mat Technology, which makes the wheels stronger. Racing and Tunin
On iOS, if a view controller has no view yet, why does NSLog(@“self.view is %p”, self.view) crash?
by Stuka in Cars

If a new iOS project is created with an Empty App template in Xcode 4.3.2, and in AppDelegate.m:

self.window.rootViewController = [[FooViewController alloc] init];

and in FooViewController's viewDidLoad, the following:

Tab bar in a master view of split view controller has hidden tabs after dismissing a modal view on iPad
6/12/2014 11:30 am by Dittmar in Cars

Master view controller of a split view is embedded in a Tab bar controller - so that I can have tabs in the master view of the split view.

The split view controller is the root view.

The navigation bar at the top of the tab bar controller contains an 'add' button which transit

Best way to change the color/view of disclosure indicator accessory view in a table view cell in iPhone
by Boyer C. in Cars

I need to change the color of disclosureIndicatorView accessory in the tableView cell.
I think there are two way to get this done. But not able to figure out which onez the optimum. So here is what I think I can do.

There is a property of tableViewCell - accessoryView. So I can u

Cocoa Core Data and Tab View - How do I tell when Tab View is finished “loading” so I can tell the view to initialize itself?
by George in Cars

I have a simple Core Data app I am building to try to understand Core Data. It has two entities: a weather station, and a collection of observations for a given station.

I created the initial interface for this by putting a tab view on my window, selecting the first tab, and dragging

View will appear of second view runs earlier than view will disappear of first view?
by DMasterX in Cars

i use it for some kind of initialization and it fails in such way. Is it possible to use smth another?

It's initialization of some kind of UDP client.

call current controller action within button click from partial view in MVC3 view razor view engine
by yhelothar in Cars

I have a view with including partial view (Partial view from different controller that call @{ Html.RenderAction("DebitHeadConfigure", "HeadDisplayConfigure");}) now i need a action against Button click which button come from partial view

Note : Currently if i use subm

i want make my view transparent so that form present view the previous view should me slightly visible
by Oli in Cars

i want make my view transparent show the the previous view will slightly visible,i tried something below but it is not working , i am using interface builder to create view,please help me out.

@implementation CylinderBoresTotal
(void)viewDidLoad {
[super viewDidLoad];
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