Youtube problems on Win 8

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Youtube problems on Win 8
Bought a new Acer touchscreen laptop and was enjoying Youtube serials with the good streaming. After installing win 8.1, one day I found my Youtube videos hard to load. The first 5-10secs of the Youtube video is always blank and the webpage hangs. after a while I can hear the song but no image. then after a while again, the image appears in swift sequence! will take a bit of time before both song and image is synchronised. This doesn't happen all the time but at least once a day. Anyone has any idea what could be happening?
Another note. Whenever I on the computer, after a while... a message will pop up to ask

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[ubuntu] Permanently Swap Alt and 'Win' Keys?
by protagonist in Operating Systems

setxkbmap -option altwin:swap_lalt_lwin
works well enough at start up with a "Startup Applications" entry. It sometimes fails to work when resuming from Suspend. So I have to r
anyone else having problems with youtube??
by stlcardinals in Operating Systems

I havent been able to watch a video in like three days! Search feature seems to work. But the videos are having trouble loading up. Anyone else having similar problems?

Problems with YouTube Ads
by doubledeluxe in Operating Systems

Ever since I've installed ICS on my Bionic, I'd rate my phone as "Mostly Satisfactory." I see others still have serious problems with data drops and random resets, etc. so I consider myself fortunate.
However, I've noticed that those periodical ads on YT impact my experience when they
problems with youtube app
by Francois in Operating Systems

Hello people. I'm having a problem with the stock YouTube app. It keeps force closing on me. It was working fine yesterday, it just stop working today. I tried restarting my phone, but it still force closes on me. Thanks in advance

anybody else having problems with youtube?
by jbcrail in Operating Systems

this isn't any kind of software issue. it's not about how to get adobe flash properly working, or what kind of graphics adapter i have. i just can't connect to youtube.
i tried different browsers, cleared my hosts file and restarted, but still nothing.
even if i try to ping
YouTube problems :- -
by Lepton87 in Operating Systems

I'm having problems with YouTube loading. Is anyone having this problem? Speedtest show 20+ mps on wifi but YouTube app stays buffering/loading slow. Is it the app or the phone?
youtube problems?
by Tristan in Operating Systems

ever since i put the leaked .3 version youtube has gone downhill. when i click on a video it seems like its loading but then a pop up comes on saying "video cannnot be played" even with the .6 update i did with the leaked ruu its the same.
just tested it and it only does it whe
youtube problems ..
by nsavop in Operating Systems

Hi there,
Can someone help me please I'm very new to this. I have had my HTC desire for about a week now and can't access any youtube videos.
I can select a video to view and it looks like it's loading but after serveral minutes the error message 'Sorry no network connection right no
Anybody having problems with Youtube?
by Alex Sadzawka in Operating Systems

Not all the time but here lately when i go on youtube, I am getting a message stating it cannot play the video. Sometimes it will play the video then mid way through it was start hiccuping and stuttering and then it will stop and say it cannot play the video! I have no clue as to why this is. TAGS: Anybody having problems with Youtube

Youtube problems...
by Vytautas in Operating Systems

It keeps saying "Problem while playing. Touch to try again." Anyone else having the same problem or know how to fix it?

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