YouTube videos in wp8?

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YouTube videos in wp8?
Am considering to get a wp8 device as alternative to iOS but I've got some misgivings about windows phone. From my experience with wp7 YouTube videos will not play properly. The sound will be out of sync, the video will be choppy and low quality. I tried out wp8 devices in Nokia stores and found that its still the case even with this metro tube app and I am surprised nobody gave a mention anywhere about this. So I want to ask if there's some settings that improve youtube quality?
Also is the battery life ok? My previous lumia 710 have atrocious battery life on standby.
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How Can I make app to play Specific Google Videos and YouTube videos on Android from the app itself *Using eclipse*?
by jch in Operating Systems


I need to make App To play Some plays and series on Android , Those are on Google Videos And YouTube , I use Eclipse and Android 4.0.3 APIs, :( I'm A Beginner and I want To start with that app !
Can Anyway help me !!

Please ...

Additional Details

What is the best Drupal module that allows me to embedd videos from Youtube or upload videos locally?
by Brian in Operating Systems

What is the best available Drupal module that allows the user the ability to either upload the video locally or embed a video from a thirty-party video sharing website (ex: Youtube) 2- Is this video integrated with players such as flow-player? 3- Can the video be transcoded to flv or mp4?

[ubuntu] YouTube videos play, but CNN videos crash Firefox
by rgmarcha in Operating Systems

Ever since I loaded Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit, some website videos crash Firefox. At first it was also happening in YouTube, then I updated the Flash player and YouTube videos started working. But CNN videos crash Firefox. I tried putting about:crashes in the URL and it said that the URL doesn't exist -
YouTube Remote Lets You Share Videos From your Phone to Your TV, Control YouTube Leanback
by cbridi in Operating Systems

One of the cooler features of Google TV with the Logitech Revue is the ability to share YouTube content from your phone to your TV and control what you are watching from your handset using their Harmony Remote app. In similar fashion, the YouTube Remote app does much the same, though in a much
How to make default my videos to play on the youtube app instead of browser mobile youtube?
by Sigtryggur in Operating Systems

HTC Hero. Froyd Villain 1.7.1. Android 2.2.1
Everytime i try to load a youtube video via facebook app it automatically takes me to the 'youtube mobile' site instead of using my youtube app. No videos ever load on my mobile youtube. Yet the youtube app is fine.
How do i default it so e
Controlling playback of multiple Youtube Videos with the Youtube JS api (playing at the same time)
by mikieb in Operating Systems

I know that there's a very similar topic for this question, however I'm trying to do something a little different.
all of this is a little new for me... sorry...

Basically I'm trying to play multiple YouTube Videos in one page at the same time (mash up style) using YouTube API an

How to retrieve YouTube videos details (Like and Dislike and comments) using YouTube Analytics API in java? [on hold]
9/12/2014 1:05 pm by NeoTubNinja in Operating Systems

I studied the YouTube Analytics API. in java

Retrieve viewing statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information for YouTube videos and channels.

But I want retrieve video details (title,like,dislike,comments). How ?

Can u post Sample code ?

Android 2.2/2.3 doesn't load YouTube videos on the YouTube app from a WebView
by dante in Operating Systems

I know that this question has been answered many times, but I still can't get it to work on Android 2.2 nor 2.3.

I am developing an app which is composed of tabs. One of those tabs loads the mobile version of YouTube inside a WebView. So far so good.

The problem is that th

Retrieving an Entire YouTube Playlist (all videos) with YouTube Gdata API
by NextInLine in Operating Systems

I am having a very difficult time getting this to work how I want. I am looking to grab all of the videos from a playlist. Currently I can retrieve 20 but there are some playlists that contain over 100 videos. This is where I am having a problem. I am using the following code I found from another

stop youtube videos opening youtube app in xcode/cordova 1.6.1
by Ari in Operating Systems

I am building an app in xcode using the Cordova/phonegap framework for ios which displays some html that has some embeded youtube player code in it. iOS seems to redirect the user to the youtube app when it hits this youtube player. In cordova 1.5.0 the following code worked, but in 1.6.1 it does

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