y show tml on photo file?

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y show tml on photo file?
shud be
today... />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a209/tancfc/25.jpg
I have tried but not sure what I should be looking for. I am after a
way to have a list of file names of photos i want in the slideshow in
a text file and have this used by a flash movie to slideshow these
is there a ready made flash that anyone can tell me of
that can do this.
i have 5 pics and want to show one by one, with fading in and out. i
know how to do this with one pic but if i insert the 2nd it is in
front of the other
what to do?
tnx for help
Design Software
Anyone knows if i book ippt tml but what if tml rain? /> 
Can dont go anot if tmr rain anot. But cannot
cancel reh. Coz everytime I book neber rain. NEA says Morning thundery
showers reh :(
Food & Drink
y show tml on photo file?
shud be
today... />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a209/tancfc/25.jpg
The site below lets you choose a man or a woman and enter specific
details regarding how they look. So show us how you look in 3D! />http://www.mvm.com/
And this is *cough* exactly, how I look! :)

how to sync wechat photo/video on Android sync to dropbox then to
desktop folder then sort out all *.jpg file to show up on xbmc
I already use dropbox sync to do the sync form
wechat folder to dropbox to desktop , what I don't understand is
wechat "so many" sub folder to store photo e.g. Folder
how to take out only *.jpg form all sub-folder
and put it in a separate folder "Automatically"
Q2) Since Dropbox
have limited free 2GB storage , how can I "Automatically" set the
desktop to move photo form dropbox "Camera upload" folder to a a
separate folder on desktop "Automatically"

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