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zombies, run!
Anyone else been playing this? It's not cheap but you can always trial it first.
Personally has made my runs so much more interesting!
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Default [Game] Taoist vs Zombies FREE for Android - Fight Ancient Zombies -
by ISAslot in Operating Systems
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Android download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.km108.free.TaoistVsZombies
Taoist vs Zombies is an realtime 3D ARPG & Tower-Defense game. Help our hero, throu
How to Make Candy Come Out of a Zombies Head in 'Plants vs. Zombies'
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In "Plants vs. Zombies," you must defend your backyard from the approaching undead using only fruits, vegetables and flowers. When one of your plant weapons kills a zombie, usually the zombie disappears in a cloud of dust. If you want zombie's deaths to be more interesting, enter one of several chea
The Zombies Are Coming! ? Plants Vs Zombies Stumbles Its Way To Android
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PopCap Games makes some of the most fun and addicting arcade type games for Xbox, PSN and iOS. You may have heard (and hopefully played) their smash hit Plants vs. Zombies. Well, a few minutes ago they just announced on Twitter that their popular real time strategy game will finally be making i
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After completing the main solo campaign in "Call of Duty: Black Ops," you unlock a special Zombie mode. In Zombie mode levels, you must defend a building against waves of zombies, trying to break in and attack you. Every level that goes by brings a wave of stronger zombies who are harder to kill. Th
Zombies and You
by jkjambo in Operating Systems
I've been a recluse as of late, watching a lot of movies and such. Which for some reason made me wonder last night if zombies would be able to climb a fence. Think its possible?
I think if they were zombies like in "28 Days Later" then they probably could but if they were zombies in l
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Age of zombies?
by Vietnam in Operating Systems
any word on age of zombies for Android?
Can a petition get it ported to our devices?
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Zombies - ?
by Blunc in Operating Systems
They're coming.
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age of zombies
by taviso in Operating Systems
hi guys iv been wanting to play age of zombies for a while but its only showing up on the online app store and not on my htc desire s, is this because my phones not powerfull enough or just because its not been released on my phone yet?
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by xSauronx in Operating Systems
Call of the dead, level 21
3 players
58/59 achievements.
How are you guys doing?
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Zombies! :-
by Platinumjsi in Operating Systems
Hey all
Just to let those of you who are interested in texted based games (which there seem to be a lack of in the Android market) that Zombies is out on Beta.
Addictive game in which you strive to become the most notorious zom
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