zzzzzzzzzzzz why got ppl burning things one..

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zzzzzzzzzzzz why got ppl burning things one..
cb the smell is giving me a headache

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zzzzzzzzzzzz why got ppl burning things one..
by CrookedNumber in Food & Drink

zzzzzzzzzzzz why got ppl burning things one..
cb the smell is giving me a headache

InvalidCastException - Blurry eyes.. Neeeed helllpppp zzzzzzzzzzzz
by Dan Becker in Food & Drink

Ok, I am about at the end of my rope here. Been looking at this code for
hours and can not see what is wrong with it.
I have an object saved to a file using Binary Serialization. The file has
also been DES encrypted (it is a license file).
The problem get sall the way down to whe
Good Things About Burning Grasslands
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Food & Drink

If you are driving along the highway and see a portion of grassland on fire, you might think that it is a disaster. Many good things that come from burning these areas, however, so much so that they are sometimes set on fire intentionally by fire and wildlife teams. Controlled BurnsA controlled b
Things to Watch For With a Wood Burning Stove
by Madmick in Food & Drink

A wood burning stove provides cozy heat on cold days and is an economical heating source that will help you save on electric bills. As with all heating systems, problems can occur. But if you are aware of potential issues with your stove, you can sort them out quickly and easily. Smoke SpillageSm
[ubuntu] Weird issue burning Audio Disks, and a couple things
by Pseudoics in Food & Drink

](*,) --Ok, this one is really bugging the crap out of me. I've got one notebook, and one desktop computer running a dual boot Ubuntu lucid. And I've also got the same issue in puppy linux, on the desktop. For some odd reason I can burn iso and data disks, but I lock up my burning software (whate
[other] burning an image VS buring things inside an image
by Chennai in Food & Drink

is there a difference between burning an image and burning everything inside that image after extracting it?
[ubuntu] Brasero Burning - "the drive can't be locked (ongoing burning process)"?
by Brian in Food & Drink

Good day,
I recently setup a NAS using an old computer and FreeNAS. I've enabled CIFS sharing on it and can access/copy/paste files wonderfully to it....exactly what it was intended for.
My problem is that when I try to burn CDs using Brasero, I can add music files from the NAS fine, but
Why Does Burning Wood & Burning Fossil Fuels Produce Similar Pollutants?
by Disco_TechnoStu in Food & Drink

Humans have burned wood for energy since prehistory. In more modern times, however, wood has largely been supplanted by fossil fuels. Although fossil fuels, unlike wood, are a nonrenewable resource, burning both wood and fossil fuels can release some of the same pollutants. This similarity stems fro
Dual ASUS DRW-24B1ST Not Burning / Burning Blank Discs
by Eric in Food & Drink

I am having a bizarre issue with burning CDs on my ASUS DRW-24B1ST drives. I built my computer with parts purchased from Newegg a little under a year ago and installed dual DVD/CD drivers; there are two identical drives installed, and both worked perfectly for several months.
I at
[ubuntu] No CD burning: legit audio burning req's
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Food & Drink

I purchased some music through Yahoo! Music Match and am allowed to make 2 copies of all my CDs.
However when I rip the CDs and attempt to make a copy with Brasero Disc Burning it appears the (blank) CD-R I inserted is full!
I have tried three different ways of loading the tracks

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