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Building a city is a game that kids of any age can play online. There
are lots of different places where you can play a city building game.
While other games for computers or gaming systems might cost money,
you can play online for free. If you don't like the style of a
particular city building game, you can always switch to a different
one. If you are a kid, be sure to get your parents' permission before
playing any games online, or visiting any online
sites.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Visit and click
on the box in the center of the screen. Choose the city you would like
to create first, and wait while it loads. Click on the controls below
and to the left of the city to a
When your kids don't have access to a piano, they can still use online
games to improve their musical skills. These games come in different
varieties and primarily help kids with ear training and notation. If
your kids are interested in music, then online piano games will be
educational and fun. Online Ear TrainingThis game increases ear
training, notation and listening skills. When the child presses play,
the game selects random notes on the musical staff and plays the note.
To match the notes, the child has to press the right key on the
computer keyboard that corresponds with the note played. For example,
if he thinks the C note was played, then he presses C on the keyboard.
If he is in
There is a seemingly infinite supply of online games for kids that
involve animals in one way or another. These games can teach kids
about different types of animals, teach kids the various tasks
involved in taking care of a pet, or simply be a fun and entertaining
game. Whatever the purpose, these free online animal games are sure to
keep kids engaged. Pet Spa ChallengeIn this game, players are in
charge of a pet salon and must take care of all the pets. Players must
perform different grooming tasks (cut, wash, accessorize, etc.) on
each pet to complete their visit at the salon. They do so by
completing the grooming tasks in order and dragging the correct tool
to the pet to complete the
Invention games for kids are available from several areas on the
Internet, though many are hosted by educational institutes. The
information in most online invention games is not only entertaining,
but also largely inspiring. Several types of play are used in
invention games for kids, plus these games can all be played on any
computer platform. Goldburger To GoIn "Goldburger To Go," a game
based on episodes of the PBS kids show ZOOM, players are challenged to
solve a Rube Goldberg-type machine with several disconnects. Players
can alter various components in the machine by clicking, but must
replay the machine each time a change is made. In addition, the game
offers built-in hints for pla
Once children reach the age of 11 or 12, they begin to get bored with
simple online games that require just a few clicks of the mouse to
play. They are in search of adventure, and games that require several
steps to reach an end goal. At the same time, however, kids in this
age range need to make sure the games they choose are not violent or
inappropriate. Fortunately, the Internet is full of games that are
safe and engaging for tweens. Brain PopBrain Pop has a collection
of educational games for kids in fourth-through-eighth grades.
Animated games are provided in the following subjects: science, math,
English, social studies, health, arts, music and engineering. Kids
choose the subject t
For generations, Walt Disney Co. has been entertaining children and
adults alike. From theme parks to movies to television shows, Disney
has created multiple avenues to enjoy its timeless creations. Thanks
to the Internet, children can interact with their favorite Disney
productions and characters through Disney's website. Disney has
created over 100 different online games to bring its colorful world to
young fans' home computers. Rock The BeatDisney's Rock The Beat
online game brings kids into the fun and exciting world of some of
their favorite musical artists. The game takes players from rehearsals
to small performances and even a major concert. Players click on
numbered circles to hel
Kids are taught important lessons about Christianity at church and at
Sunday school, but sometimes kids want to learn more, and this is
where online Christian games come in. Such games are also useful for
Christian parents who have concerns about the content of some games
kids access online. Games are typically free, but in some cases, the
player may need to download and install Flash or Java software onto
his computer before playing. Armor of GodThis side-scrolling 2D
action game is themed around the verses in the Bible which describe
the Armor of God, and how it can be used to defeat evil. The Armor of
God is made up of six components, including the belt of truth and the
shield of faith
The Internet is overflowing with games for children and adults. It can
be hard to weed through all of the options to find safe sites and
games for very young children. Many sites are cluttered with
advertisements that can bring children to other websites that are not
kid-friendly and some sites may seem safe but are not quite
age-appropriate for your toddler or preschooler. Always check out new
websites with your child. Many offer a parents' area with information
to help you decide if the site fits your expectations and needs.
Star FallStar Fall ( teaches children letters, phonics
and reading skills in a fun, colorful environment. The home page
offers options to go into diffe

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