Little help to this javascript

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Hi i have found this nice javascript puzzle game
<!doctype html>
 <title>Sliding Puzzle</title>
 <style type="text/css">
 .picture {
  border: 1px solid black;
/* Disable tap overlay color on links - set alpha to %0 = invisible */
-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
font-family: san

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Html Helpers with javascript... include javascript in helper but avoid adding javascript twice??
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&nbsp;So I love MVC and I love Html Extensions and now I want to push it a little further... If I wanted to create something like an Html Helper that creates a javascripty style Calendar (for the sake of example as I don't want a calendar :-) how could I wrapper the javascript into the helper

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JavaScript: Is it possible to stop a javascript function w/ other javascript code?
Category : Javascript
Hello ppl!
Can anyone help me out with this question?
Is it possible to block/stop a javascript function w/ other javascript command? How?
I got the following javascript code (its an auto-adbox that apears - before the pages <html> tag - every time the page w/ the code is loaded

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mixing javascript commands or javascript within javascript
Category : Javascript
Im trying to put in a Conveter Belt Slideshow (got the script from
Ive been trying to use the images as links which will open the larger versions in a new browser location using the following script:

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GWTTestcase accessing javascript object defined in an external javascript file fails
Category : Javascript

I have defined a GWT module that includes an external javascript file using tag. I have written a GWTTestCase that returns the above described module's name. When my testcase accesses a javascript object I see the following exception

Caused by:

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javascript datepicker function not working with masterpages:Object required:Javascript error
Category : ASP &

Javascript File for DatePicker

function GetDate(CtrlName)&nbsp;&nbsp;
&nbsp; /****************************************************&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
&nbsp; Use Javascript method ( to PopUp a new window&nbsp;&n

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progress bar for javascript processing(long calculation and around 200 input textboxes to be checked in javascript)
Category : ASP &

&nbsp;hello epxerts there,

I am facing a kind of weird situation.we are using XMLHTTpRequest object to execute the operations&nbsp; and has&nbsp; used synchronous request.(I knowasynchronous should be&nbsp; an option here to process the request,this application

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Command Line JavaScript Input Arguments Issues While Minifying JavaScript in Gedit
Category : Javascript

I want to minify my JavaScript files immediately in Gedit. I tried do it via external tools option with jsmin.js script. I have SpiderMonkey engine installed. I stored jsmin.js file at /home/mushex/use/js/jsmin.js and created a new js file named jsmin-low.js in the same directory with content

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Is it necessary to write tests for both Javascript and non-Javascript for apps that “degrade gracefully”?
Category : Javascript

In writing the tests for my Rails 3.2.3 application, I am writing the tests to handle the basic clicking and stuff minus the Javascript. However, I'm leaning heavily on jQuery in the application and I am wondering if I should:

A) Write the tests for JS instead


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JSP/Javascript/JQuery: store html/javascript content in a variable + write it to textarea
Category : Web Design

I'm using a json object to store different bits of content, one of which can contain javascript & html relevant content (like quotes, semicolons, tags etc) which without encoding can break the page. To work around this I'm using:


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JavaScript inline variables used by external JavaScript file? (Variable Scope issue)
Category : Javascript

I have the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var ops = {
slideshow: {
slices: 20,
boxCols: 11,
boxRows: 6,
animSpeed: 750,
pauseTime: 6000

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