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Hi i have found this nice javascript puzzle game
<!doctype html>
 <title>Sliding Puzzle</title>
 <style type="text/css">
 .picture {
  border: 1px solid black;
/* Disable tap overlay color on links - set alpha to %0 = invisible */
-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
font-family: san

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JavaScript: Is it possible to stop a javascript function w/ other javascript code?
Hello ppl!
Can anyone help me out with this question?
Is it possible to block/stop a javascript function w/ other javascript command? How?
I got the following javascript code (its an auto-adbox that apears - before the pages <html> tag - every time the page w/ the code is loaded). Id like to block/stop this code w/ other javascript code in the same page. Is it possible?
Ps.: Unfortunetly I cant erase/delete the "auto-adbox code" due to function reasons.
The "auto-adbox" code:
Javascript Problem |Wanna make a javascript amateur praise you for your smarts?|
Alright basically what i want to do is write a code which detects a href location in a certain frame, then if this href is detected send the frame to a new location.
Ive tried countless variations of this script, but i just cant get it to work.
So far...
var quirksMode2 = "";
var quirksmode = (frames[framea].location.href);
function count()
var quirksmode = (frames[framea].location.href)
if (quirksmode == quirksMode2)
{frames[framea].location.href = ""}
else {frames[framea].location.href = ""};
Seeking HTML and Javascript code for countdown clock - Im really bad with Javascript
I have been struggling to get a Javascript countdown clock working. It takes me a huge effort just to get an alert box to pop on the onMouseover event, and implementing the nice Javascript scripts that Ive found online is beyond me. No matter how closely I follow the directions I cant get the scripts to execute.
I thought a workaround would be to go to a site where you type in your target date and generate a page that displays the countdown clock, then copy the generated HTML into my own page so I can make a nice display. With this approach I got a page to display the time left, but it wouldnt loop to count down.
Does anyone know of a source for a script AND the H
Making random JavaScript redirecter play nice with non-JavaScript-enabled browsers
The index page of the site Im working on has three different versions, and Management (truly a proper noun, in this case) wants one version displayed 50% of the time, and the second and third versions each displayed 25% of the time. It needs to be done with JavaScript, which makes me really sad; I know itd be simple, elegant, and easy with PHP, and wed get to avoid pesky browser bugs and people with JavaScript disabled. Without any chance of using server-side scripting, were doomed to the client. Oh well.
Since I want the index page to work with JavaScript disabled, I devised the following code. (The JavaScript may not be the most beautiful thing ever, but Im a programming
mixing javascript commands or javascript within javascript
Im trying to put in a Conveter Belt Slideshow (got the script from
Ive been trying to use the images as links which will open the larger versions in a new browser location using the following script:
function chgMainWinLoc( strPage ) {
parent.opener.document.location = strPage;
<a class="two" href="#"onClick=",floatingwindow,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,status=no,widt h=323,height=383)"><image source="image1.jpg"></a>
Javascript Cookie Setting and Mobile Site Redirection - TOTALLY NEW TO JAVASCRIPT
Ok, so i know basic HTML, and CSS and i have created my own personal portfolio website and i have hosting and a domain. I created a mobile version, and found a small Javascript code snippet that redirects a client depending on their screen resolution. This is awesome so that people viewing my site can view the mobile version and not the regular version, but i want them to be able to view the full site if they wish, so i know that to do that i need to set a cookie so the browser will know when the client tries to view the regular site again to let them.
So is there a thread here that explains what im trying to do?

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