How do I Apply Online Learning Theory to the Online Classroom?

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At least four learning theories provide the foundation for online
teaching practices, according to Mohamed Ally's article in The Theory
and Practice of Online Learning. Behaviorism, the oldest theory he
explores, views learning as a response to a stimulus. The cognitive
theory focuses on long and short-term memory, reflection and
metacognition (knowing and using various learning strategies). The
popular constructivist theory attempts to engage learners actively as
they create knowledge. A recent theory, connectivism acknowledges the
importance of globalization, the ever-changing digital environment and
the importance of new learning.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things Y
People learn best when they are taught through different learning
modalities--verbally, visually and hands-on. Although most people
prefer learning through one of the learning styles, we may use a bit
of all of the styles in order to learn. How can teachers use knowledge
of learning styles to teach in an online setting? Follow these steps
to reach your students through their learning preferences in an online
classroom.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Audio streaming
Video files
class="error">Use a web cam and a microphone. Using a web cam and a
microphone in an online class gives students both a visual experience
and an auditory
By incorporating social learning theory into your classroom you can
develop an encouraging classroom environment, which in turn inspires
students to engage your lesson and enjoy the learning experience.
Social learning theory suggests that students learn through
observation, developing traits and habits based on the environment in
which they are in. This includes seeing other students participating
in class and choosing to participate as well. The negative side of
social learning theory also suggests that some actions you take as a
teacher can deter your students from participating and restrict their
engagement in your lesson.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Plan a series of rewards
Whether you're an online instructor or a virtual classroom
administrator, it's your responsibility to ensure that your online
classroom is as effective as possible. While online classes and
coursework certainly helps students learn the material, students often
miss out on the experience of working with their peers to create an
environment of learning. Just because a classroom is online doesn't
mean your students can't work together. Facilitating forums and
arranging study groups helps foster a spirit of camaraderie while
students learn through virtual means.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
Arrange for a forum dedicated to the class. If your education portal
doesn't allow for online forums
In the 1800s, poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "We are shut up in
schools and college recitation rooms for ten or fifteen years, and
come out at last with a bellyful of words and do not know a thing."
Since Emerson's time, education has changed, especially with the
advent of online learning. While classroom learning still focuses on
physical interaction between a teacher and students, online learning
removes geographical limits and allows learning to take place from any
computer in the world. HistoryClassroom learning has occurred for
thousands of years. One of the first known civilizations, Sumer, had
classroom learning where future priests used cuneiform and clay
tablets. In this system,
Music theory is the group of fundamental principles governing how
notes relate to one another, and how those relationships are used to
compose music. Many musicians get by without ever learning music
theory, but not having an understanding of musical theory when you're
a musician is much like a writer who chooses to ignore grammar and
style. A variety of resources on the Internet allow you to explore
music theory. Fundamental Music TutorialsThe Internet opens the
door to a world of musical education opportunities. The hard part is
determining which of these resources is most dependable, and which
ones work best for you. Websites like DataDragon and 8 Notes offer
in-depth music theory less
The theory of online learning involves implementing both traditional
and new learning theories within an online educational environment.
Although not an exhaustive list, examples of online-learning theories
are: social-cognitive development theory, minimalist-learning theory,
constructivist theory and democratic-learning theory. Communication
and Online-Learning TheoryOnline-learning theory is concerned with
applying learning models to online environments. How students learn
and process information may be similar; however, the forums in where
students can learn are various, online learning being one of them. />Online-learning environments present both interesting challenges and

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