Select query returning the string instead of the value

Category : Access
Why is strCreditCheck returning the actual query string and not the result? Of course, this is not working. Please help.
Private Sub b_PrintWorkOrder_Click()
    Dim strCreditCheck As String
    Dim strCompany_id As Integer
    Dim stlinkCriteria As String
    stlinkCriteria = "[EntryId]=" & [Forms]![People_Enter]![People_Enter_Assignments].Form!EntryId

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Linq query not returning result on runtime but returning the query as a string
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I have a linq query that is not returning the result but rather returning the query itself as a string. Except for that it is working

The query should be run on the click of a button then populate another sql button.

I have tried to convert it to a string or/and an array. But

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ADVANCED EXCEL/VBA QUERY: Returning list of results from a single column that match string criteria, returning values from non-adjacent rows...
Category : Excel
Hi guys, thanks for anyone that even reads this. Not sure if this is possible, would like to think so.
Sample data:

Testing M:MusicArtistsa2a21OasisDefinitely MaybeOasis - Definitely Maybe - Slide Away.mp3...
ID3v1 found: Slide Away (Oasis / Definit

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SELECT SQL QUERY Sum query returning same each time? not sure if code is correct?
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I have a credits table in my database

Credits Table

Credit - int

Credits  int

debits -int

ClientId -guid

I am trying to get the sum balance (deducting debits from credits)

from a method and display

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SELECT returning a string?
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When using 'SELECT' to get data from a database, is there any way to have the function return a string rather than a datareader/dataset? Of course I can just not show whatever I bind the data to on the webpage and then get the data from there, but it seems like a very messy method. I was wondering i

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Select query returning more than one value
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 My Select query returing the one column:





Form this Options column I have to check the Checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3 out of total 6 checkboxes in form. I am getting the Options column from database.

How to store that

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Returning a Value from a Select Query
Category : Development
Im using Access 03 on Windows XP Pro.
I have a section of code that is creating an excel spreadsheet. In the first column I need to put a unique value corresponding to a given location that is given by an autonumber in one of the tables. I know that you cant use DoCmd.RunSQL to run a Select qu

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Select Query Returning One Record Per PK
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I have this query (below) that I am trying to have only return one record for each ComponentID. But since there are sometimes several part#'s that for the same ComponentID that match my search value it is returning the ComponentID several times. ComponentID is my Primary Key for the Sparts

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Returning Select Records in Query
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Hello, I am sure this is quite simple, however I cannot figure it out. I have a query that shows tblPartNumber and tblAverage. The average is calculated in the query by taking the total minutes to assemble the parts, divided by the number of parts completed. What I am trying to do is run a quer

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select query returning to many values??
Category : ASP &

I have 2 tables







The select query is binded to gridview and incorrectly returning a row for each model and each country. For example 50 rows for US

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Sql select query returning Resource id #4
Category : Programming Languages

I wrote the following code to select text from database,but when i echo the output it giving output as Resource id #4

mysql_select_db("xxxxx", $link);
$q = "SELECT start_of FROM `qr_table` WHERE id_qr =1";
$result = mysql_query ($q, $link);
echo $result;

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