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I have an alphanumeric primary key that goes
When i get to REF9999 and enter REF10000 it does not store it after
REF9999 but stores it after REF100. Why is this ?
Is there a quick way that i can add leading 0's onto my records
so it will read
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Perl regexps not matching string with leading zeros / incorrectly escaped numerals with leading zeros on command line in Perl
by undeinpirat in Access

I have updated this question, as in the original question the issue I was chasing turned out to be an alltogether different bug (not interesting in this context). But the second order mistake I did in testing is something others may run into and produced an answer with a very interesting insight,

Leading Zeros -
by Caveman in Access
I am formatting a table to be exported via fixed width and one of the main frame requirments is to have the dollar amount with leading zeros. So if a dollar amount is 500.02, I would need to update the tables dollar amount to 00000000000050002. Since the dollar amount will change, I will on
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Leading Zeros
by Ryan in Access
On a z/OS DB2 v8 platform, this refers to formatting a SMALLINT field as
two zoned-decimal (character) numerics, with a leading zero when there
is only one significant digit. I tried several different CAST formats
with no luck.
Is this possible?
Walter Rue
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Leading zeros!!
by JackBurton in Access
I have the next code:
<select name="Ehour" id="Ehour" tabindex="3">
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Leading Zeros
by Fremont in Access
Leading Zeros
I have a Access application that has a form that pulls in from a table a text value that includes 01, 02, 03, 04, etc. The first time I open this form it looks up an id number and the corresponding location *the numbers above and it pulls in correctly. When
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Use leading Zeros
by el-Capitan in Access
I am setting up a query that will be exported to a text file to be read in by one of our accounting programs.
The query will be exported in a Pipe Delimited format and i have set this up in my code and query. The problem i am having is that the program requires the numeric colums to be
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Leading zeros ::::
by Dennis Caldwell in Access
program pics;var N : integer; OutString : string;begin for N := 1 to 6 do begin Str(2*N, OutString); writeln('image'+ OutString) endend.

That is the code I've got and here is its output:


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Leading Zeros -!!
by luger in Access
Ok, so i've tried to search the forum for this issue, becuase i know leading zeros cause problems, but i hadn't found any answers that work for my situation.
I have code that is updating a table with ID numbers. I tried using an auto field but the update sql wouldn't work correctly, so th
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leading zeros !! $ !!
by sReas in Access
I have a customer number field that needs the leading zeros put back into the field.
Is there a way?
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Pad with leading zeros
by Skurge in Access

How can i pad my integer variable with leading zeros.
like i have an integer abc with value 20 but i want it to be '0000020'.


quarterlyReportDataCMMS.QRTrailerRecord.FileRecordCount = Convert.ToInt32(refEligibleClaimants.Count);

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