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I have an alphanumeric primary key that goes
When i get to REF9999 and enter REF10000 it does not store it after
REF9999 but stores it after REF100. Why is this ?
Is there a quick way that i can add leading 0's onto my records
so it will read

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Leading zeros!!
I have the next code:
<select name="Ehour" id="Ehour" tabindex="3">
Leading Zeros !!
I am exporting a report from Access into Excel. One field has a store # - say 029. I need to have the leading zero in the field - but I can not get Excel to leave it there.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

Leading Zeros !!!
This is probably an easy question by comparison to some of these others.
I have a table where a transaction number is always 8 digits. If the number is not 8 digits, it should start with zeros, such as
12345 should be 00012345
123456 should be 0123456
Is there a simple and fast way to do this? It can also be done in a form, since I enter the data through there. Will it be necessary to change the field from a number to a text data type?

Leading Zeros -
I am formatting a table to be exported via fixed width and one of the main frame requirments is to have the dollar amount with leading zeros. So if a dollar amount is 500.02, I would need to update the tables dollar amount to 00000000000050002. Since the dollar amount will change, I will only need the leading zeros for the blank spaces because the field is right justified (for the mainframe).
Hopefully I am making sense.
Thanks for your help.

Leading Zeros -!!
Ok, so i've tried to search the forum for this issue, becuase i know leading zeros cause problems, but i hadn't found any answers that work for my situation.
I have code that is updating a table with ID numbers. I tried using an auto field but the update sql wouldn't work correctly, so this is where i'm at.
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim Prospect As DAO.Recordset
Dim sql As String
Dim q As QueryDef
Dim r As DAO.Recordset
Dim ID As String
Dim adjID As String
ID = Format(Nz(DMax("[ID]", "tbl"), 0), "0000") + 1
sql = "SELECT [ID] FROM [tbl] ORDER BY [Date]"<
Leading zeros -!!!
I am having a real duh moment and am hoping someone will take a moment to help me. I have an autonumber field (CarNo). This field is to be displayed as a 5 digit number on the form, ie: 1 is to display as 00001. I know I have done this before (I only use Access once a year or so, so the mind is not fresh on this) I can use a text box on the form because the user can't change the field, but I can't for the life of me figure how to display the autonumber as a 5 digit number, including leading zeros. I have read many many posts with the answer but am having a brain vacation as to how to do it. I found the code of Format(FieldName, "00000"), but don't remember where to put i

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