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I wrote a database in Access 2003 which is shared between about 15 to 20 users. i.e they have similar front ends but all access the same back end mdb
Now my company are wanting to move the back end to sql server but have the front end in VB.NET and not Access. I guess you cannot do a simple conversion so the whole front end will have to be written in VB.NET. I am not doing this but what happens in the future as my database is not set in stone. What about maintenance or if i need to create new forms, queries,modify tables e.t.c.
Is VB.NET easy to learn ? I don't know what there plan is yet.

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Access 2003 Pivot Table View and Server 2003
by tolis626 in Access

I have created a form in Pivot Table View.
The form runs fine on all local workstations but does not show any data on Server 2003.
Anyone know of any issues with Server 2003 and Access forms in Pivot Table view?
Issue with Access 2003 and Windows Server 2003
by Jpark in Access

We have a database converted from Access 2000 to Access 2003. We are trying to deploy it on a new server running Windows Server 2003. Access crashes every time we attempt to bring up the Linked Table Manager. Additionally, the same thing happens when I try to run the Compact and Repair utility
Cannot access WebService stored on Windows Server 2003 from inside Windows Server 2003
by Rob Wright in Access

In all cases we are running .NET Framework 3.5

My company has a server running Windows Server 2003 R2 (Service Pack 2), 32-bit processor. The IIS instance on this machine runs several Websites. One of the Websites we are running is Microsoft CRM 4.

When I attempt to log in

ODBC From Access 2003 to Sql Server 2003
by google-app-engine in Access

Hello all,
I'll trying to query a linked SQL table, from SQL Server 2003. Everything works fine on my computer. I have the data connection on my computer and have using these tables for a couple of years. When I share the front end with other users it fails to connect when they try to run
how can access webService design in visual web developer 2005 as we access from iis server in days of VS 2003
by greggerz in Access

guys i have this annoying question i have upgrade my webService project
from visual studion.NET 2003 to 2005 but the problem is tht i cant
access my webService directly from iis mmc by click the .asmx and
selecting browsing in old days of .net gives an error like
Client server Access 2007 / access 2003
by patheems in Access

I have a access 2003 client / server systems that works quite nicely on several users, client on pcs and database tables on network drive using linked tables
A new pc with access 2007 uses the same system and everytime they close down it creates a temporary database that is not deleted. TAGS: Client server Access 2007 access 2003

Access 2k upgrade to Access 2003 or SQL Server Express?
by Alex Bartzas in Access

Im having a system using Access 2000 as both front-end (queries,
forms, reports & temp tables for reports) & back-end (data) with
back-end running on the server. The application runs on the network
with around 15 users.
The back-end database is suffering from performance
Upgrading from Access 2003 to Access 2007 and SQL Server
by mAuo in Access

I am maintaining a pretty large Access 2003 project with a MDB data file on the server and linked tables. The plan is to upgrade to Access 2007 (or even 2010) and SQL Server as the data storage.

As this is a two-step plan, which of these steps is best done first? Does it make a differ

Block internet access on server running Windows Server 2003 Standard
by rpanic in Access

Hello, I'm new here, so I don't know if I posted this in the wrong category, if so, I appologize.
Is it possible to have my file server only accessable in the LAN. I would like to block all inbound/outbound traffic outside of the LAN. I back up all of my personal files to that server and some c
ASP.Net Application - SQL Server 2000 Access Problem on Windows 2003 server from XP
by eastcoastj in Access

I did lot of googling to see if I can solve the SQL server not found
problem while trying to run ASP.Net community starter kit from an XP
machine to Windows 2003 server hosting SQL server 2000 database. Tried
all possible combinations but it still fails.
I have Windows 2003 serve

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