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I am having trouble with the below returning the correct number of records, and can't see why.
I have one table, tblDevice, which has 4 columns, ID | DeviceRecNo | ExcludeFromCheck | StockLocationID
ID - Autonumber
DeviceRecNo - Number
ExcludeFromCheck - Number (1 = yes, 0 - No)
StockLocationID - Number
I have the following running as part of some code, but it is not returning the correct number of records, and I cant see why not. I have tried creating this in a query in Access itself, and copy the SQL into VBA and it still doesn't return the correct number records, any help would be appreciated.

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DAO ****: Problem in Installing DAO 4.0
Hello all,
Ive installed Win98 Arabic on my system.
I didnt install anything on it, Just Win98 Arabic.
I download DAO 4.0, and when i run it on the system, it show me a error:
error creating process <c:windowssystemodbcconf.exe /e /f
Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.
WHAT ????? :mad:
Whats wrong ?
Can you tell me whats DAO 4.0 requerment ?
Its urgent please help me :(
Dao 3.5 & Dao 3.6
Well, hi there. Now, Im here again and I missed you all, my dear codeguru friends. :)
I will start my posts from one easy question. Ive got a project, which uses DAO (CDaoDatabase, CDaoRecordset, etc.) - it is DAO 3.5, but I need to make it work with DAO version 3.6
Please, dont tell me that DAO is obsolete, I know this. But there is too much DAO in my project and I will need too much time to move my project to ADO or something else.
As I remember, there was a simple way to tell system that my program wants to use DAO of different version just by assigning some magic values to some of CWinApp member variables...
Any suggestions?
Redistribute DAO 3.5 and DAO 3.6 library
My Visual C++ 6.0 Application will use both the DAO 3.5 library and DAO 3.6 library. I wonder what is the best way to redistribute DAO 3.5 library and DAO 3.6 library with our application?
ADO/DAO db recordsets; request for DAO Connection ie
ADO/DAO db recordsets; request for DAO Connection ie
My first problem was an error on "Type Mismatch" while opening a record set. This is solved by MS article http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=181542. My current problem is implementing the solution.
Dim rstNoAddr As Recordset
Dim dbs As Database
Dim rstLastAddr As Recordset
Dim rst As Recordset
Set dbs = CurrentDb
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
no problem with above
Set rstLastAddr = dbs.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
error on either statement below =
DAO code for Java (like phppatterns php DAO)
I am using the DAO patterns from phppatterns.com (http://www.phppatterns.com/index.php/article/view/25/1/) for most of my php database projects.
Now that I have started working with java (mostly servlet + normal java classes) I wanted to know if anyone has implemented such simple and clear thing for java.
Actually I tried to port the code to java but differences between java and PHP makes this hard.
I will appereciate if someone can help me.
By the way I need DAO classes to work with Oracle (prefered).
Replace pass-through DAO.QueryDef with DAO execution of Stored Procedure Qs
I would like to test converting a pass-through query that uses DAO.QueryDef objects with code to execute a stored procedure which will perform the same SELECT statement. Reason being, I am pushing the upper limit of Access VBA string concatenation building the SQL string.
I came across this article talking about executing SP's with DAO objects:
I am wondering how to simply replace sending pass-through SQL in a DAO object and execute the SP instead? That DAO object needs to be able to be referred to by the wrapping DAO.QueryDef object to be able to "SELECT *" from that object targeting a FE temp table as the

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