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I'm having a problem get a query to select all of the records it should be.
When I filter the source table (200_STANDARDIZED NRGL) to show the data I want to see (PC2 = 6000; GAAP = 02; CGL = 0950, 2735, 2736, 3500 and 3501; STD VENDOR NAME = blanks), I get 33 records.
NOTE: Had to take the PC2 records that were not '6000' out of the dB I've attached in order to be able to send dB bu the PC2 filter is needed in the complete dB.
When I create a select query to the do the same thing, I get either:3 records (when I set STD VEND NAME to Like '') or30 records (when I set STD VEND NAME to NOT Like '*' )I've attached the dB - Query 1 is the subjec

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The next two queries run without a problem:
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two column


I want query which gives me rid 1 because all of its value is 1.

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Dawned string ->$q=mysql_query("select * from usrlogs where match(ID) against (1) ") or die(mysql_error());
Having some idea why it is not working .
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Hi there, I need ur appreciated help.
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I hope you can help me.
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The k
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SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE name = tôi
heres my problem :| why ??!
field collations: utf8_general_ci
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I have a table A (ID, time,...)
first I want to select rows with max value of time. Then from these rows I
want the row with max ID value.
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select max(ID) from (select * from A where time in ( select m
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Why doesnt this work?
SELECT * FROM [Public Talk Titles] WHERE [Last Given] BETWEEN #01/02/02# AND
#01/03/02# ORDER BY [Last Given]

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