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I'm having a problem get a query to select all of the records it
should be.
When I filter the source table (200_STANDARDIZED
NRGL) to show the data I want to see (PC2 = 6000; GAAP = 02; CGL =
0950, 2735, 2736, 3500 and 3501; STD VENDOR NAME = blanks), I get 33
NOTE: Had to take the PC2 records that were not '6000'
out of the dB I've attached in order to be able to send dB bu the PC2
filter is needed in the complete dB.
When I create a select query
to the do the same thing, I get either:3 records (when I set STD VEND
NAME to Like '') or30 records (when I set STD VEND NAME to NOT Like
'*' )I've attached the dB - Query 1 is the subjec
Hi all, I am new to this site...
I have a console application
written in C# which insert one table info to another table of an
access database. There is a date table in format(4/30/09) which I like
to insert into another table with the format 4/30/09 03:26:PM. Can I
do this in a single query... here is my query
Insert INTO
Programming Languages
I have 3 tables customer, claiminfo and claimstatus
One customer
can have multiple claims (claiminfo) and each claim can have many
In the claimstatus table there is a column
called Status which ranges in numberical value and determines what
stage the claim is at.
I am trying to display all customers that
have a Status of 5 as the maximum status. So if a customer has a
record with stage 5 and another with status 6 it would display, but if
a customer had a status of 4 and another of 5 it will display. I
thought this would do it. However is is also pulling in customers that
have a status of 6 (as well as 5)
SELECT customer.ClientID,
problem in select query
Hi All,
I have
a problem with this select statement... Can anyone pls help me solve
declare SQL_ADV
declare ColumnType VARCHAR2(2000);
data_type from all_tab_columns where upper(table_name) =
ColumnType :=data_type;
SELECT />case
when eDocsNet_BLStatusChange_Appr.ColumnType in
then update
emp_ins_types set || eDocsNet_BLStatusChange_App
I have a select menu which contains results from client field.

The user selects one of the clients from the menu and hits submit. />
I want the results page to display everything that is
relevant to the users selection.

So far it displays
too much info. It displays the same results repeatedly. How can I
narrow it down to the $client selection??

Here is my

class="bbcode_description">PHP Code:
Hi everyone,
I have the following three tables in my
ADMIN.[Code],[Name],[Country] />PERFORMANCE.[Code],[Name],[Date],[Return] />ASSETS.[Code],[Name],[Date],[Assets]
The first table contains
general information about an investment fund, the primary key is Code
(unique). The other two tables contain performance data (returns and
assets-under-management) for different dates. The primary keys for
both are composite keys ([Name]-[Date]). The combinations are unique.
The relationship is one-to-many between ADMIN and PERFORMANCE and
ADMIN and ASSETS respectively. [Code] is the foreign key in the two
child tables.
I would like t
I have written the following query using vba to export the data
from acess to excel but it doesn't work.
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">strsql = "SELECT
RequestAutoID,P2PRequestID,CustomerIntials as [Customer
Firstname],CustomerSurName,WorkItemNumber as [EL
from tb

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