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Hi guys.
In my database i need two process in the database one is SOD(Start of Day) and the 2nd one is EOD (End Of Day).
The purpose of these process to run multiple hidden queries in back-end. In both processes there are several queries to run.
I need help to setup this.i have no idea that how i can built this but this is necessary for database.
another thing these process execute only once a day.
after login i want to run a form that will check that SOD is performed or not if not then SOD (Run SOD) Screen will appear if SOD not perform yet then system ask for SOD Process to run otherwise disable my dashboard items.
and 2ndly if EOD not perfor

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When using System.Diagnostic Process, will I miss some output lines between the start of process and start of capturing output?
by Orkspalter in Access

If I have code such as

string resultOut;
while ( (!proc.HasExited && (resultOut = stdOut.ReadLine()) != null))
// Do some operation based on resultOut

Am I liable to miss some lines from when I start proc to wh

ASPNET worker process stop responding when an asynch Process.Start is spawned
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In ASPNET Page I need to spawn a Process to do some CPU heavy work (ffmpeg) . I wish:

a) send response to client without wait for process exit

b) to do something when Process is done

If I do:

Process pc = new Process();
pc.EnableRaisingEvents =
Ncover not covering the code in child process of the test.dll (which is started using Process.start) in C#
by Baskaran in Access

I want to get coverage of let's say CoverageTarget.dll.

I have a test.dll to run the nunit tests, which starts a child process childTestApp.exe(which tests some of the code in CoverageTarget.dll) using the Process.Start method in the process of testing.

in the results i am

How to ensure process window launched by Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo) has focus of all Forms?
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c#.How to ensure process window launched by Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo) has focus of all Forms?

Is there a perl module that can start a process and return the three main I/O handles to that process?
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In perl, I often need to run a child process, send some input to it, and then read its output. There are a number of modules to do this, but they all seem to require you to pass in pre-existing variables, which are then modified by the function to contain filehandles. Here is an example from the

Invoking System.Diagnostics.Process Start and changing the parent process
by yhelothar in Access

Does anyone know if theres a means by which I can invoke a
Process.Start, then detach the process from the calling process. I
suppose in a nutshell Im asking if theres a way I can add the new
process to the "explorer" process.
Aug 30 07
Access Registry entry from a process started with System.Diagnostics.Process.Start() method
by Traut in Access

Through my desktop application's installer (C# code), I want to execute an external process. I do so using the following code.

ProcessStartInfo sinfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
sinfo.FileName = filePath;
sinfo.WorkingDirectory = workingD
Kill process started with System.Diagnostic.Process.Start(“FileName”)
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I am trying to create an app that will perform actions on specific times (much like the Windows Task Scheduler). I am currently using Process.Start() to lunch the file (or exe) required by the task.

I am initiating a process by calling a file (an .mp3) and the process starts WMP (sinc

A process serving application pool DefaultAppPool exceeded time limits during start up. The process id was 216.
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I am getting this error on my web server runnint ASP.NET on Windows 2003, it
kills the serving web pages. The only way to get the web pages to start
serving is to restart the server. I cant find what is causing this.
Any Help would be great!!!
Event Type: Warning
Event Sou
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I am playing around with python multiprocessing module and wanted to be able to display the name of the currently executing process.

If I create a custom MyProcess class inheriting from multiprocessing.Process I can print the process's name in the following way

from mu
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