How Do I Get Approved for a Mortgage for a Second Home?

Having a vacation home or a home in another area of the country is a
dream for many people. Obtaining financing for a second home, however,
is not an easy task. Lenders fear a second home mortgage will be the
first loan to not be re-payed in the event of a job loss or financial
difficulty. Financing a second home will require you to prove your
financial stability and may be a longer process than when you financed
your primary home.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions
Save as much money as possible for the down payment. A mortgage for a
second home will require a larger down payment than required for the
primary home. Plan on a minimum of 20 percent down. A greater down
payment m
In most mortgage applications, there are three distinct steps before
closing. Pre-qualification is the step where the applicant determines
how much of a mortgage he could possibly afford based upon the
lender's calculations. In pre-approval, the lender gathers important
documents to back up the statements listed on the borrower's
application to determine if the borrower can truly afford the
mortgage. In the last step, approval, the underwriter reviews the
documents to officially determine if the mortgage can move forward to
closing. How to Become Pre-QualifiedDuring pre-qualification, a
lender has a borrower fill out a mortgage application known as the
Universal Residential Loan Applicati
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Mortgage loan approvals take a lot longer and are substantially more
difficult to obtain than they were a in 2009. The sub-prime mortgage
meltdown has made lenders extra cautious. They verify every detail of
your finances. In addition, the requirements have been tightened so
that a large majority of applicants are not able to obtain financing.
CreditIf you presently have a leased car and you turn it in to
obtain a newer leased vehicle with approximately the same monthly
payment, it will have no effect on your ability to qualify for a home
mortgage. If your new lease payment is appreciably higher than your
previous payment, the larger monthly payment may prevent you from
qualifying. Lender
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Using a mortgage can help you go from renter to homeowner in a
relatively short period of time. Before you can use a mortgage to buy
a house, you have to go through the approval process. When a lender
evaluates you for approval, it looks at several important factors.
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There's no way to know if you will get approved for a mortgage until
you submit your application for review. Mortgage lenders are in the
business of providing financing for home purchases. But getting a
mortgage approval requires meeting a lender's guidelines. Know the
guidelines and then work to increase your chances of an approval.
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A mortgage lender can pre-approve you for a home loan before you begin
your search. A pre-approval determines what you can afford to spend on
a house. With a pre-approval letter in-hand, sellers and realtors are
more likely to work with you on the deal. But before a lender can
figure a pre-approval amount, they will need specific information from
you.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Income statements
Bank statements
class="error">Give the lender permission to pull your credit history.
Lenders use credit reports and credit scores to determine whether
applicants are eligible for a loan, and the interest rate on the
mortgage. Complete a mort
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Getting approved for a home loan involves familiarizing yourself with
lender requirements. Home loan programs vary, and speaking with a
mortgage broker or lender before submitting an application can
increase your chances of getting approved for the home loan. You have
to consider factors such as down payments and affordability. And
unfortunately, being unprepared can delay the home-buying
process.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Credit report
Down payment

to show your mortgage lender or broker copies of your income
statements. Getting approved for a home loan require stable employment
and income history. Submit copies

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Mortgage approval occurs when a lender formally agrees to create the
home loan that will allow a buyer to purchase the house. It should not
be confused with pre-approval, which is a more informal process.
Approval occurs when the buyer makes a loan application and the lender
thoroughly investigates the house and the borrower's financial status,
and then agrees to make the loan on pre-set terms, including an
interest and a down payment. Mortgage approval is followed by several
important steps in the loan process. Closing DateLoan approval is
required by the closing date, which is typically set by the house
purchasing agreement and is often set for 30 days or so after the
agreement is creat
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