How to Earn Teaching Credits Online and Become a Teacher With an Online Certification

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With today's online education options, aspiring teachers can earn
their teaching credits online and obtain an online certification to
become a teacher for elementary school, middle school, high school or
beyond. The comfort and ease of attending an online program part-time
or full-time from home is a big draw for many
students.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Bachelor's Degree
Computer with Internet connection
class="error">Find an online teaching program that you can earn your
teaching credits online with. Online programs from schools like the
University of Southern California and the University of Phoenix offer
programs such as masters of arts in teachi
Undergraduate students who pursue certification in teaching often
spend five years completing the certification courses and the student
teaching program. However, if you have experience in the professional
world and want to switch to a career in teaching, you do not have to
return to undergraduate school. Often you can complete your
certification through online courses while working as a teacher.
Choose Certification ProgramBefore beginning an online teacher
certification program, you should decide what level and subject you
want to teach. Most states offer general certification for elementary
level teachers or specific subject certification at the secondary
level. For example, you could
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Over the last decade, online high schools have gained significant
popularity. Though still in its infancy stage as an industry, many
independent schools, charter schools, learning institutions, colleges
and universities have invested in developing their own accredited high
school programs, rather than be left behind in this developing market.
There are many options if you and your child are considering an online
high school program. It can be overwhelming, but with diligence and
some guidance, you can find a good fit for the educational needs of
your child.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Computer with Internet access

How to Earn

Online teacher certification, offered through various colleges and
universities, provides bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as
state certifications to students from the comfort of their homes.
Certification includes courses and practicum work (student teaching).
TypesAccording to Distance Education.Org, online teacher
certification programs offer bachelor's degrees, master's degrees,
certifications and certificates. Different programs are available for
would-be teachers who want to instruct different grade levels and in
different subjects. Certifications for specialists, like special
education and English as a second language teachers, are also
BenefitsAccording to eT
Although no specific certification is required for teachers to
instruct in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, having an IB
certificate can set you apart when you apply to schools who offer IB.
First established in 1969 with the Diploma Program for pre-college
students, IB provides education that is based on international
understanding and international academic standards. Having a
certificate to teach in an IB program shows that you are dedicated to
continuing education and to offering the best possible instruction for
your students.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Investigate IB
certification programs at U.S. and international universities. Visit
the International Baccalaureate
Texas online teacher certification programs allow students to achieve
their goal of becoming teachers from the convenience of home. Online
education programs leading to the Texas teacher certification are
offered by private and public universities and by non-university
education providers such as iTeach Texas. LeTourneau
UniversityLeTourneau University offers Texas teacher certification
online through the PACT (Post-Baccalaureate Accelerated Certification
for Teachers) program. Students can complete the program and gain K-6
certification eligibility in less than one year. The program arranges
student teaching and internships throughout Texas convenient to
student home location and provide
All U.S. states require teachers in public schools to obtain a
teaching license. Specific requirements vary by state, but all insist
teachers hold a bachelor's degree, take pedagogical coursework and
practice teach. Prospective students should check with their state's
department of education for details before enrolling in a program, but
online schools today offer more opportunities for teachers to gain
certification. Online BenefitsOnline programs allow students to fit
classwork into their own schedules, so those considering getting a
teaching license can keep their full-time jobs while getting the
necessary coursework. In addition, instructors today often have the
opportunity to teach o
Earning an online teaching degree is an alternate way to realize your
goal of becoming a teacher. Many people are getting online degrees in
many different fields, and teaching is no exception. Here's what you
need to know about getting an online teaching
degree.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Get your high school
diploma. All online teaching degree programs require their students
to have their high school diploma or a GED.
Contact various online
teaching degree programs to find out what else is required. Ask about
fees, how long the program takes, and how the classes are handled. If
you have a busy schedule, try to find a program that offers its
classes at any time of the day or n
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