How to Copy Online Music to MP3s Online

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Sites that stream music, such as or audio-only YouTube videos, usually are the kind you can listen to only while you're connected to the Internet. The music can be played only from that particular Web page. You can capture the streaming music by using a variety of free tools available online, such as capture websites, or MP3 recording software.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Download and install MP3MyMP3 Recorder. Select "Stereo Mix" for "Input device" in the program. Begin playing the streaming music from the site online and then click "Record." Click "Stop" when done, and click "Copy" to save the music as MP3.
Navigate to "Convert" files. Click "Or download it from." P

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How to Buy MP3s Online
The MP3 is creating a new channel for the promotion and distribution of music. Previously, musicians spent many a night playing small, smoky clubs in hopes of getting discovered by a record company scout, meanwhile building themselves a local fan base to spread the word of their existence. The union of MP3 and the Internet means a whole new way for musicians to inexpensively promote themselves.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
MP3 Players
Portable MP3 Players
Secured Credit Cards

Search the Internet for and visit various MP3 music stores.
Type in the name of the artist whose music you seek.
Click Get Track for each song you wish to purch

How to Store MP3s Online
Online storage of your MP3 files can be advantageous for anyone looking to free up space on their MP3 device or computer hard drive. Since MP3 files can be large, they do have the tendency to accumulate a lot of hard disk space. Online storage facilities will make it possible to save your MP3 files when you no longer need them, but feel that you may want to access them at a later date. And once you begin to store your MP3 files online, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Online file storage website
USB-compatible sync cable
MP3 device or iPod

Create a folder on your computer where you will have

How to Make Music Beats Online to Copy to CD
As a musician, you can hire a producer or engineer to compose professional beats for you, or you can save a lot of money and just do it yourself using free online platforms. Thanks to popular music mixing websites, even a novice musician can put together original, custom beats just like the pros. Best of all, you can immortalize your killer beats by copying them to CDs and sharing them with your friends, fans and perhaps even record labels.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
MIDI keyboard

Choose an online music mixing service. Visit a variety of sites like JamGlue, Jam Studio, Dubstep and Loop Labs and decide which service works

How to Make Free Ringtones Online From Your MP3s & Download to Your Cell Phone
You can create ringtones for your cell phone from your favorite music CDs using a Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer with iTunes, Windows Media Player or similar software, and an Internet connection. Best of all, you can create these ringtones for free.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Audio CDs or previously ripped MP3s
Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer with CD drive
Windows Media Player, iTunes or similar software
Internet connection
Web browser software
Web-enabled cell phone

Rip your selected music (or other audio source) into MP3, WMA or OGG format using music software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player and save to y

Amazon to launch online music store with no copy restrictions (AFP)

AFP - became an ally and a rival to Apple on Wednesday with plans to launch an online music store featuring songs without anti-piracy software.
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dynamically load images, .mp3s doesn't work online
I'm building a slideshow that dynamically loads .jpg's and .mp3's. It runs fine when I test the .swf locally but when I publish it to the web the .jpg's and .mp3's don't load at all. I'm publishing to the Flash 6 player and I have the latest player for my browser. Any idea what's going on?
Here's the link:
Attached is the .fla file.
Sounds suddenly stops when I play mp3s/online games Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
I don't know what caused this; the sounds(in my headset) suddenly stop then resume again. I'm sure that it isn't caused by lag or other internet related issues, I'm using the same headset after my computer has been replaced entirely and my past OS is WinXP. But my speaker works fine and doesn't encounter that problem, I also used that in my past WinXP pc.
Am I encountering some incompatibilities?

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