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i have a problem when i am using ubuntu my head phone not working when i m using skype.

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[ubuntu] Simple Apperience Question! Skin Related ( Noob Question I guess )
by krismolendyke in Linux
Very noobest question... I know there is a site where you can get skins or looks for ubuntu. I have been there.. But all the skins i have downloaded need Emerald or something. Is there just a group of skins that don't need any special software or add on for it to work. A skin where I can
[ubuntu] general new install question and lost+found folder question)
by Janne Lammi in Linux
i currently have windows 7 and ubuntu 64 bit dual booting on one hard drive. i plan to get a ssd later and install ubuntu on that and it will be my main drive then. will i have any problems accessing all the files on the dual boot drive from my ssd drive? or will the folders be locked to the origina
[ubuntu] Desktop Icons Question and System Beep Question
Hi all.
First question, a shortcut to my second HDD is showing on the desktop and it wont let me delete it saying 'The specified location is not supported' and I'm downloading a torrent file which keeps reappearing on the desktop even if I delete it! Any ideas?
Secondly, my sound is work
[ubuntu] question about fragility of flash on browers... maybe a dumb question
by South Korea in Linux
Hi Ubuntu Community:
I use 2 browsers: Firefox and Epiphany.
Both browsers are set up to have as my home page.
On that page there is a flash video news story every day.
When I open either browser that flash window shows up, letting me know that flash is wor
[ubuntu] Raid question and rsync cron question
by Cogman in Linux
Hi all, 2 questions.
I bought a used dell 2600 poweredge server to act as my file server. I configured it using the hardware raid in a raid 1 configuration with (2) 300gb hard drives. I couldn't afford to buy the drives I wanted and it came with them for cheap. It's got room for 4 more drive
[ubuntu] Thunderbird question [replying to email question]
by cubeless in Linux
In Thunderbird mail, when I reply to someone's email, Thunderbird puts the text I'm typing [by default] below the text they email me.
One person told me that it was annoying to get my emails and the reply is below what they typed me.
How does one make the text in a reply appear above the t
[ubuntu] Lock Screen- question, USA to question mark.
by Naxxy in Linux
when i hit the power icon or goto system, quit, it brings up the option to shut down and reboot, or lock the screen, aswell as some other options. what i really really want to know, is that after i lock my screen, i basically move the mouse, and up pops the enter your password, has my us
[ubuntu] Ubuntu Noob w/Stoopid Question. Ubuntu Hiding Data Files
by FallenHero in Linux
Installed Ubuntu 8.10 yesterday.
Running on a Enpower EN660 (MSI) laptop.
1.8gb Duo core 2
3gb RAM
Vista/XP dual boot.
So far I'm underwhelmed with Ubuntu. But I'm determined to be rid of this guy. I'm going to make this work.
[ubuntu] Persistant USB question and Permanent USB question
by timswim78 in Linux
Hi I really am not at the level of even this forum but we all have to start somewhere.
My issue is this I installed ubunut using pendrive app to make it a persistent drive, searched around the internet about how to update firefox, and it said move to ~/opt/ so managed to do that and
[ubuntu] vlc dvd menu question and update question
by dyarborough in Linux
i was wondering if anyone knew how to get DVD menus on vlc. my old install had them, but this one does not work yet.
also i reinstalled 8.04 because i wanted some stuff that had changed mainly some features of compiz(thay are there on 8.04, but not on 8.10, but can be if upgraded)
i now wa
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