what "php" is running on my server?

Rick James Astley
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I want to see what php code is hogging my server resources, but by a common task manager all I can see is a bunch httpd processes which do not tell me much, I want to know what php code called that new httpd process...how can I "unmask" this httpd processes to see what php code/web page called them?

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How to relocate our source code from Vista running VisualSVN Server to Windows 7 running VisualSVN Server?
by Matt Watson in Linux

[i meant to ask this question on StackOverflow...]

I have been using VisualSVN Server without any problem on Vista.

When it is time to change everything to Windows 7, I wonder what's the best way to do that?

Is it best to "check in" all the code from all machin

Why is my django development server running locally so much faster then running the same development server on Heroku?
by droom in Linux

I have a website using Django that loads about 100 rows from a single table in a postgresql database when entering it.

Development server locally: Page loaded in 300ms
Production server on Heroku: Page loaded in 1.34secs (about 4.13 times slower)
(Integrated gunicorn TAGS: django development server running locally much

SQL Server Job exit with error when running in scheduled job but runs fine when running job manually
by billputer in Linux

I have a job on SQL Server 2005 running a ssis package.

The package as the protection level 'EncryptSensitiveWithPassword'

the job has only one step of type Operating sytem(CmdExec), since the ssis uses an excel output file and the server is 64bits

I do pass th

How to view selenium tests running on a jenkins slave running on a windows 7 server?
by jwright30 in Linux

We have a build environment set up with Jenkins running on a linux server. In order to run some integration tests on a windows specific project, we have a Windows 7 server vm set up as a hudson slave. This set up is all working correctly.

These integration tests consist of a set of se

My server is running CMS made simple, and my client thinks its running awfully slow.
by phokus in Linux

Im trying to get my clients site to run more efficiently.. Im running CMS made simple, MySQL 4 on Dreamhost. My site is hosted under teh same hosting, and for some reason my site runs faster...
heres the site:
Can you guys take a look and let m
need 40-50 Gigs of HD space running on a Windows 2000 or 2003 server running IIS 5 or
by CRaul87 in Linux

need 40-50 Gigs of HD space running on a Windows 2000 or 2003 server running IIS 5 or
with about 60 gigs of storage. Looking to set up a dedicated i guess. thought that maybe i'd just find a hosting plan that would be large enough to handle my customers, but from what i am
Running multiple instances of Sunspot solr server for running cucumber tests using parallel_tests gem
by Peter H in Linux

I am using parallel_tests gem for running my cucumber features in parallel.
While i am trying to run the cukes, i am getting


but the process is continuing and only one firefox window is running.

My ma

Is There a way to find out, which task is currently running in ssis, when running in SQL Server Agent Job
by mikeymikec in Linux

when I have to tell my boss, how long will it take to finish the current SSIS package. I can get an estimate when the job is running in Visual Studio environment, but totally blind when its running using SQL Server Agent.

Is there any way to find out, where the SSIS package is at a ce

Error when running Rails Server on a local copy: Could not find mysql2-0.2.6 in any of the sources. Try running `bundle install`
by aaffleck in Linux

I just forked a copy of an app on github and saved it on my computer. When I attempt to run the rails server in the application directory, I get the following error:

Could not find mysql2-0.2.6 in any of the sources
Try running `bundle install`.

Earlier to

running individual packages from eclipse (not running on the server)
by Rick James Astley in Linux

Currently, on the project I'm working on we're running jboss as the server. All code in the repository branch is setup to run on the jboss server. However, my work doesn't require that I run the server yet - it's just a Java class I need to test.

How do I run my code as a java projec

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