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Anybody know how to convert PDF file to Word document using linux command line or using PHP?
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How can I use grep to see if my word in a array has a match with list of word in dictionary and extract the exact single word?
by dyarborough in Linux

Thanks for the answers... i am trying the different possibilities with all your answers.
one thing: i could not be that much clearer in asking question to you all, ie. i m applying this RE in my local script/character(similar to Tibetan Script) and not in English word.

Excel macro to read text file word by word and write every word to a new cell in the same column
by Pennsylvania in Linux

I have a huge txt file with email ids delimited by , (space), or ;, or a combination of these.

I would like to separate these email ids and write them into new cells in just one column, row after row in the excel file.

Excel's delimi

Word 2003 MailMerge, C# Shared Addin, Automation using Word plugin, Word Interop Asse
by Yannis Roussochatzakis in Linux

Is there any way that I can use Merge Field in two different ways.
say it displays some thing and it use something else, I mean I can display different text but in code parth I can use some other text.
for example.
MergeField tmp = <<Sales Order Name>> ;

create a word doc and insert contents of existing word doc into newly created word do
by TwiceOver in Linux

hello guys,
i have to create a new word doc and insert the contents of existing word doc into the newly created word document
i have used the following code but iam getting the error "file not found"
pls help me
Private Sub Label1_Click()
Dim Word As Ob
How to make forward-word, backward-word, treat underscore as part of a word?
by Nate Bedortha in Linux

In my C# mode, M-b and M-f are bound to {backward,forward}-word.

But these things stop at underscores, which I use sometimes as a prefix on member variables.

How do I get emacs to treat the underscore as a word character?

I split a sentence into a word per line, now I want to compare word to a word in file
by Rob M in Linux

Here's my code:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main ()
  char b[256];
  char * pch;
  printf("Input a short sentence:
Algorithm to remove a character from a word such that the reduced word is still a word in dictionary
by Jim Davis in Linux

Here is the scenario, Given a word remove a single character from a word in every step such that the reduced word is still a word in dictionary. Continue till no characters are left.

Here is the catch:
You need to remove the right character, for eg. in a word there may be two pos

How do I Make Word My Default Word Processing Program Instead of Word Perfect?
by Asif in Linux

Microsoft Word 2010 and WordPerfect X5, both released in 2010, are two different word processing programs that allow users to format and customize typed documents on a computer. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system allows users to choose which program will open certain file types as the default
How to read word(or character) on txt file from the last word to the first word in python?
by Roel van Dijk in Linux

Example: I have a file as :
filename1 = "I am a student" (inside filename1 have I am a student )

f = open(filename1)
string = f.read()
spl = re.split('s|(?<!d)[,.](?!d)',string)

print spl will show:
I am a student , but I need

Matching letters regardless of letter case (e.g. WORD = Word = word)
by AndyD2k in Linux

Imagine a database value Elmer_Fudd, which displays a page at MySite/People/Elmer_Fudd
Now imagine someone typing in the URL with a space instead of an underscore and/or using lower case instead of capitals:
MySite/People/elmer fudd
Id like such URLs to default to the value in my data
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