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Anybody know how to convert PDF file to Word document using linux command line or using PHP?

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Word to PDF !! $ !!

I want to convert word to pdf using C# code.
I must not use Microsoft interop because in the system MS office is not installed.
So I am looking for alternate solution.
All suggestions are welcomed in adv.
harshal sanghavi
PDF Converter or changing pdf files into Word.
Is it possible to change pdf files into Microsoft Word document ? Thanks.
MS Word to PDF
Hello Friends here,
I want to make word doc into PDF file and may you help me to how to do that?
Thanks in advanced.
Have a nice day.
word to pdf !
Hope you can help me.
I have to show on the screen some data to the users. When the user click on a button, the system has to search in a data base for a WORD document (*.doc), convert it to PDF format and finally show it to the user on the screen. Of course there is no user interaction on this, but only the click on the button. Somebody could give me a clue to do this if posible?. I have to do this on linux, and is a new OS for me, so I'll appreciate any help you can give me.
Thanks in advance
Anyone know of a good/free application that converts word files to PDF?
- Be able to do bulk conversions
Also, what is the easiest way to achieve best possible image quality when converting to PDF?
i.e. what should the dpi and image file be (e.g. PNG, JPG or TIFF?)
Thanks :)
Word to pdf -!!!

Hi ,

guys i need help in converting WORD documents to PDF using a reference com object , i dont want to automate MS word on server , there's "itextsharp" but i dono how to convert files using that , 1 great reference lib is from subsystems , but it costs too much , i need help regarding this issue

thank you

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