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I sometimes get called to do emergency Linux sysop tasks and to edit PHP scripts while I'm on the road or in a hotel. Unfortunately, there's a lot of restricted Internet out there with only ports 80 and 443 available. I have a spare Ubuntu Desktop laptop at home. My always-on DSL router at home also allows port forwarding. Can anyone share any tips or steps on how I might be able to share that desktop securely (keyword, there) so that I can access its GUI over port 443 from a hotel using a service like DynDNS?
To access this, I have a Mac laptop with an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine as well.
I mean, some thoughts I need to research at this point:
* What servic

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[ubuntu] NX and desktop SHARING
Hey everyone,
I just downloaded and installed nomachine's free nxserver/node/client package on my server box at home and client on my laptop using Sprint EVDO. Took all of 4 minutes to be up and running on both and I connect flawlessly.
I did notice however that a seperate x session or something is loaded when I use the nxclient to log into my server (and by server I mean a Ubuntu Desktop box running at home). I had VNC open along with nx and VNC affected my desktop on the monitor at home while nxclient did not.
Is there a way to use nxclient to connect to the desktop someone is using? I am looking at this because I have just convinced my wife t
[kubuntu] KDE Remote Desktop Connection and Desktop Sharing not authorising??
Hey hey,
I have managed to figure out how to connect to my brothers comp via these two programs.
I had to port forward both our routers and input our external ip address. The programs seem to see each other and starts the authorising process but get 1/4 the way through then times out:( this takes about 3 minutes to time out
Any suggestions
[ubuntu] Desktop wallpaper no longer displayed after failed Desktop sharing session session
I had been sharing my desktop with a colleague, with the feature to disable the background wallpaper while connected. We had some problems with the connection and my Desktop Sharing program became unresponsive so I killed its running process (with SIGTERM).
No, regardless of whether I have desktop sharing enabled, my desktop wallpaper is not displayed. I have tried rebooting my machine, (making sure that desktop sharing isn't started in my default session) but although the wallpaper is briefly display, as soon as my panels are being drawn, the wallpaper disappears and all I can see is the solid background colour. Changing desktop wallpapers does not fix the problem - the so
sharing your screen desktop with other people breakthru firewall , help desktop
that is the solucion i have found in many month.
give remote access from any OS to linux.
it is great and free.
it is like crossloop.
if you know something better please let us know.
i hope you can enjoy it.
[ubuntu] file sharing 11.04 on one desktop with another desktop running 12.04
both machines are amd 64 and neither machine has a bit of trouble seeing a third machine if its a windoz one. would very much like to get these 2 ubuntu pc's file sharing as easily as with a windoz one.
so far using the nautilus file sharing option doesn't work. samba doesn't either.have looked at giver and something like nfs without result. don't want to resort to using ubuntu one to do what should be very quick and easy but isn't.
is there a simple and clear tutorial or menu to follow out there?
C# desktop sharing using Windows Desktop Sharing API + reverse connection [on hold]

I'm new to C#. I've written an application for desktop sharing using Window Sharing API based on this In the blog post, authors said that sharer can reverse connect to viewer using IRDPSRAPISharingSession::ConnectToClient method but I don't know how to use it.

--Edit-- After reading through the link I mentioned here are what I've done in my App:

  1. At the viewer

    //Generate a reverse connection string String connectionStr = pRdpViewer.StartReverseConnectListener(null, null, null); //Write the connection string to file so that the sharer can get it WriteToFile(connectionStr) //Start Listening on the connection string generated at step pRdpViewer.StartReverseConnectListener(connectionStr, "", "");

  2. At the sharer

    //Get the reverse connection string String reverseConnectionStr = ReadFromFile(); m_pRdpSession = new RDPSession(); //Connect to client using the reverse connection string m_pRdpSession.ConnectToClient(reverseConnectionStr);

I surrounds all my code with try/catch statements, the code run without any exception but at the viewer I cannot see the sharer'screen.

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