What is I/O of linux server?

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My site hosted in a shared hosting on a linux server. From cpanel's
resouce usage option, I can see that I/O limit for my site is 4096 and
in peak time, my site often reaches to its I/O limit. As I don't know
much about it and as I didn't find any details article about it after
googling, I was unable to optimize my php scripts to reduce the I/O.
The only thing I know about it, is Input-Output Process. Would someone
explain it what is I/O and how can I reduce I/O?
Thanks in
I took my hard drive and copied all the files that I though I would
need from it to the ubuntu server I have set up. Used cp to transfer
the files.
Using a live cd I copied all of the files back onto
the hard drive.
Now when I go into the disk on the machine with
the windows disk I get access denied to all files and folders.
took the hard drive out and hooked it up to a windows machine and
tried to take ownership of all the files with the administrator
Back to the windows recovery on the laptop with a new
drive and with the file permissions supposedly changed, I still
receive access denied to all the files.
Hi all, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server and want to install
Subversion. As this couldn't be done because of missing dependencies,
I tried to fix this problem. Therefore I had to delete some old files
from /boot, because an upgrade process couldn't be finished. And now,
on trying to fix the dependencies, I get the following (sorry, German,
but I think you will understand the messages): ...:~$ sudo apt-get -f
install [sudo] password for ...: Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig

I cannot find a recent definitive difference between
linux-server and linux-image-server. I
thought for sure this would be in the Ubuntu documentation, but I
don't see it.

I cannot
find a recent definitive difference between
linux-server style="font-family: Arial"> and
linux-image-server style="font-family: Arial">. I thought for sure this would be in the
Ubuntu documentation, but I don't see it.

I currently am SSHing into a linux server via my mac's terminal
program. Afterwards, I run whatever simulations and calculations I
need to do. However, I noticed that after I log in, it says on the top
that the linux server has: 30 GB RAM, 10 GB Swap. Does anyone know
what this swamp term means? Does it mean it will use some of my
computer's partition for running things? I ask this because my
computer becomes incredibly slow and low on memory whenever I run a
memory intensive job. Thanks!


I am looking for a new server to host my Magento webshop.
For the same amount of money 1 could get a double vps server or 1
dedicated server.

Serverspecs VPS:
8 vCores
8 gB Ram garanteed, 16gB Ram available
HP 3PAR storage (SSD/HDD)

1 would host the database on server 1 and the hosting on server

Or i could get a dedicated server:
Intel® Xeon® E3-1230v2 4x3,3 GHz
2 x 1 TB in raid 1

What is the fastest setup?
Magento uses a lot of php and mysql.
With 2 VSP servers i could assign more ram to mysql and apache.

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