Upload Large Database

Category : Databases
I have 5GB database that need to upload in phpmyadmin.There is any solution that can less time to upload it?Please do help me by showing step in uploading the sql file. I have search through internet but could not understand.

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how can i upload a large database to a new server?
Category : Development
I have been developing a web app on my local server and i am now trying to import a large database (1.7million rows) to the production server. i have exported it using phpmyadmin, no worries but i can only upload a tiny 8mb to the productions server (hosted with one and one). i emailed them

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How to Upload Large Files in SQL Server DataBase using ASP.NET?
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I try to upload files greater than 1MB in SQL Server using ASP.NET FileUpload control. But i could not do that.  Its working fine when uploading files less than 1MB size. What may be the problem? Can anyone tell me how can i fix it.

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Upload large files to Amazon S3 directly and add other date to database using web forms and PHP
Category : PHP

I want to create a single web form where a user provides a large file, and some information like title and description. When the form is submitted, the file should be directly uploaded to Amazon S3 (without uploading it to the web server), while the information is added to the database using PHP.

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How to upload large video files on to the webserver and generate the links from the database to download
Category : ASP & ASP.net

Hi All,

 I need some help . I am building a webapplication which consists of 2 webpages. In the 1st page  I should be able to upload the files to the webserver and the URL's of the uploaded files should be stored in the database. And in the 2nd page I should be able to di

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MVC4 Code First Entity Framework Upload large files to a SQL Server database
Category : Programming Languages
I get the following error when I try to save a file to my SQL Server database:No mapping exists from object type System.Data.Linq.Binary to a known managed provider native type.Here is my Database table:CREATE TABLE [dbo].[FilesData]( [Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [FileName] [nvarchar](50

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I am trying to upload a large 8gig file to the cloud and it does a quick upload bar run and then not
Category : Design Software

I am trying to upload a large 8gig file to the cloud and it does a quick upload bar run and then nothing happens. What should I do?

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file upload control not upload large files ?
Category : ASP & ASP.net


I am using file uploade contorl to upload audio files in page, it works fine with small files but it do now work with larger files e. g. 7 MB.

I need to upload larger files as well say 10 to 40 MB. Can you please guide me what I should do ?



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iOS - Streaming large files for upload (application crashes when allocating too large files using NSData)
Category : Programming Languages


I'm currently doing some bug fixes in an application which is in the style of Vimeo, that is, the user can record videos from the phone or iPad, and then upload the video for other users to see. The current problem have to do with uploading large files due to the way we a

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upload large video to facebook with Graph Api error:Video file is too large
Category : Development Tools & Services

When the file is smaller than 40M, everything goes well. But when the video file is a little larger, after uploading finished, facebook server will return an error as below:

{"error":{"message":"(#350) Video file is too large","type":"OAuthException","code":350}}

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Best Book to Use to Build Large/Complex Projects (Large CMS & Database-Driven Site)
Category : Web Development
Whats the BEST book out there that
I can find used on Amazon.com for
large projects, such as:
- Content Managment System
Obviously not as advance as PHP-Nuke, but still...
- Heavy Database-Driven Website
Something good for a site that is 99% Database Driven.

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