How do you replace the first two chars in field for two?

Category : Databases
We have had a script running that enters codes into a stock field, but with two additional characters at the start, such as this:
I want to replace the "es" with "fr". There are hundreds. I'm sure there is a 'REPLACE' script but cannot quite work out how to do it. I'd say it should do it only if it finds 'es' as well, in case there are some where there is no 'es' in there.

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Replace chars in any field of a table
Category : Development
I need to strip some puntcuation from any field in a given table.
Id rather like to avoid using the replace () for each field in the
Anyone have a nifty way do this?
Is there a special name that I can use in the replace that means the
entire row?
(other than synt

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How to truncate char string fromt beginning and replace chars instring by other chars in C or C++?
Category : C & C++ & C#
I have a datetime char string returned from ctime_r, and it is in the
format like ""Wed Jun 30 21:49:08 1993", which has 26 chars
including the last terminate char , and i would like to remove the
weekday information that is "Wed" here, and I also

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Ruby regex: replace non-word chars that are not space chars
Category : Programming Languages

How do I replace all non-word chars (W) that are also not space characters (s)?

This is the desired functionality:

"the (quick)! brown
fox".gsub(regex, "#")


"the #quick## brown

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How to find and replace 3 or more chars with 3 or more chars in a String Java?
Category : Java

I need to check if the line contains strings that must be
eliminated and indicate which symbols would be eliminated.
A character sequence is replaced by underscores (""), accordingly with the sequence length, if there are three or more contiguous characters with the same symbol. for examp

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Excel - Replace accented chars with regular chars
Category : VB & VBnet
Whats a good way for me to go through all the columns in a spread sheet and replace accented characters with non-accented characters?

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python3: removing several chars from a string with a long chain of .replace().replace().replace()
Category : Programming Languages

I found this example on stack overflow. I understand it, but seems like a bit much for such a simple method concept... removing several chars from a string.

import string
exclude = set(string.punctuation)
s = '.join(ch for ch in s if ch not in exclude)

is there a built

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How to center chars inside of cells of the comb field (text field)?
Category : Design Software

Hello gurus,



I'm working on preparation of the legal form for tax return.  Due to sophisticated form structure and customer's demand to prepare return of enourmous size (more tha

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How to add a comments field to datagrid which is a multiline field atleast 500 chars or more
Category : ASP &
Can any body please give me an idea of how to handle a multi line text box field inside the datagrid column. I need atleast 500 chars minimum data can go into that comment field. Please anyone has any solution to handle the need or any suggestion. Please let me know. Thank you very much for the info

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Replace certain chars?
Category : Programming Languages

I am attempting to make a 'fun' php script that uses a form with one text area where users put in text and then the script runs, replacing certain instances of certain characters. It's basically like a 'fun' translator/filter type thing and I'm stuck. I've found various codes and script

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Replace chars
Category : VB & VBnet
i was wondering where can i find or how it's called the reversion or changing chars to...i don't know how to call it...
This is what i did through an application that hepled me...
Text5.Text = pReplace(Text5.Text, "_", " ")
Text5.Text = pReplace(T

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