Need to insert two columns from one table another only if th

Category : Databases
I want to enhance this mysql sql statement so that the two columns are only inserted if they don't already exist as a pair in the table.
insert into ingredient_owner (ingredient,owner) select distinct ing, (select owner from recipe where id=recipe_ing.recipe) as owner from recipe_ing where ing is not null;

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Showing table columns from multiple tables in Formview, but insert/update/delete rows of Master table
Category : ASP &

I have a page on which I have GridView and FomView control. On selection of a row in GridView the row gets displayed in the Item template of the FormVIew. The values are the result of inner join from multiple tables

i.e. table Stock,Product and Workshop. 

Please let

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SQL - How to insert results of Stored_Proc into a new table without specifying columns of new table?
Category : Databases

Using SQL Server 2005, I'd like to run a stored procedure and insert all of the results into a new table.

I'd like the new table to have its columns automatically configured based upon the data returned by the stored procedure.

I am familiar with using the SELECT ..

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How to Insert Columns Into a Table
Category : Computers
Microsoft Word is a word processor application that makes it possible to create a variety of documents, including pamphlets, user guides, manuals, fliers, novels and more. The program also allows you to insert and create tables, and you can determine the amount of rows and columns they have. The pro

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INSERT into Table On Columns That Exist
Category : Programming Languages

Suppose I have a very large array of information for a user:

//lots more values

Let's also suppose that this information needs to go into more t

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how to insert a dropdown value in two columns of a table
Category : ASP &

i am taking two  values from two columns of a table and bind it in a dropdown list,

now when i am selecting that dropdown list then  how can we store the value in a table.

pls help me.

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INSERT INTO SELECT to table with more columns
Category : Databases
INSERT INTO SELECT to table with more columns
This one might be simple one but I can not find a fix anywhere on the web. I have two tables...TableA with 65 columns and TableB with only 60 columns. The two tables are the same as for column headers except for the additiona

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insert into a table with selected columns.
Category : Development
how to insert a selected columns in a particular table.
supposing create table emp
eno number(3),
ename varchar2(20),
comapnay varchar2(30));
in this i have enter only employee number and employee name.
so how to insert only selected columns in a table.

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VBA: Insert New Columns in Table and Autofill
Category : Excel
Hello everyone.
So I just dived into VBA a few days ago in Excel 2013, and I'm trying to find a way to make the workbook used for filling out customer orders a bit more dynamic.
The vision is that when the sales rep is filling out the first page with the company info, they can enter in the

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Insert three columns from one table into one column in another
Category : Development
Can anybody help me? I have table1 with 5 columns(first name, last name etc) and table2 with one column. I need to put all of columns from table1 into table2.
Into table2 I need to have all the data together(first name, last name etc).

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I want the query to insert column between two other columns in a table.
Category : ASP &



TABLE [Master]

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