How to Use I, Me and Myself Correctly

The proper use of first-person pronouns is something even grammarians
puzzle over from time to time. The most common mistake is using
"I" or "myself" for the sake of formality when the
more casual-sounding "me" is actually correct. Although
there will always be sentences that trip you up, here are a few
pointers that will help you pick the right
pronoun.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Understand when to use
"myself." There are really only two scenarios in which you
should use this reflexive pronoun: when referring to a subject (you)
that's already been named or for emphasis.Examples:
I reward
myself when I complete a grueling task.
I bought my

I want to concatenate messages in my alert so that it show all
error messages for the first question it encounters errors on. For
example if I have 3 questions and there are errors in question 1 and
question 3, when I click on the submit button, the validation alert
should display an example alert like so:

You have errors
on Question Number: 1

• You have not entered
in a value in all the Indivdiaul Marks textbox

• You have not entered in a value in all the Indivdiaul Marks
Your Total Marks Remaining does not equal 0


It is only after I have solved errors in question 1 tha

Programming Languages

Why does below not work?
Try to exclude all the is_reply = 1
values from the query but can't figure out how to.
I tried
several combinations but all fail.

All records with
is_reply = 1 still get returned with this below query, I think need to
sub the or part but how?

@messages =
Message.all(:conditions => ['is_reply = ? AND recipient_id
= ?
OR user_id = ?', 0,,] )

Programming Languages

I have a DataGrid in my wpf app

/><DataGrid Name="datagrid2" ItemSource="{Binding}"
SelectionMode="Single" CanUserResizeColumns="False"

CanUserResizeRows="False" LoadingRow="datagrid2_LoadingRow" /> />

and I am providing its ItemSource as

datagrid2.ItemSource = mydatatable.DefaultView; />

and its rowheader as

private void
datagrid2_LoadingRow(object sender, DataGridRowEventArgs e)
{ /> e.Row.Header = Some_string_araay[e.Row.GetIndex()];
Programming Languages

I have a page that I am creating that is similar to a game with a
bird's eye view. I am trying to move a x3dom element on the x and z
axis based on a mouse move event. It works except it isn't rotated
correctly. The element called placeholder is the one that I am moving
based on the mouse coordinates. Under the function squaremousemove(),
you'll notice the rotation of rot[1]. I tried replacing this with
rotateIncrement which is how I rotate all the other elements, but this
didn't work. The place holder is suppose to have the same rotation as
the square. Any ideas?

<!DOCTYPE HTML> /><html>
<link rel="stylesheet"
Web Design (this code is in the wordpress theme
the homepage is meant to display the latest posts - 3
rows each of 3 posts, in chronological order.
it works fine if I
display up to 6 posts. But after that it starts putting the next post
in random positions... why is this?
here is the code in
$args = array(
category_name =>
post_type => post,
posts_per_page => 9 />//paged => ( get_query_var(paged) ? get_query_var(paged) : 1), />);
$x = 0;
while (have_posts()) :
the_post(); ?>
I have the attached code, named timer.txt (rename it timer.htm) which
the user opens from a PC hard drive, not from a server. The user
selects a "start time" then clicks on the button labeled
"go" and the two inputs show an 8 1/2 hour block of time
with the time from the start time on the left and the remaining time
on the right side. The use can click either of the inputs to select a
background color for the input. The onchange events for each input
saves the input background colors and the Start Time. I am using
"PersistJS: Cross Browser Client-Side Persistent Storage Without
Cookies" from to save the user
preferences to the lo
Hi ,I just wanted to show you , my personal experience with a not
correctly installed CPU Fan, Both test were made using the CPU test
suite of PCMark05 and I read the temperatures with SpeedFan 4.32 , My
processor is a Core 2 Duo E6600 with stock heat sink in a Gigabyte
965P-DS3 board.
I didn't use a more reliable stress test because
probably I'd had fried my CPU :S
With the heat sink incorrectly
1 hour after with the heat sink correctly
Learn from my experience if you are going to build
your PC for first time ,make sure you install properly your heat sink
or you can degrade your CPU fo

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