What Is the Difference Between LLC & Inc?

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If you are getting ready to launch your own business, you've thought about your options. You want to be able to have a business name, be recognized by the state you have your business in, protect your assets and have the best tax privileges. Choosing to structure your business as limited liability company (LLC) or a straight incorporation (Inc.) will depend on several factors. Business collaboration."How to Communicate Your Ideas" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: kevindooley (Kevin Dooley) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
EmployeesA limited liability company often will not have any technical employees. That is, whatever profits the company makes, the owner(s) keep and depo

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Difference Between LLC & Sub S Corporation
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal business structure that is designed to limit the liability of its member owners. A Sub S Corporation is a corporation that designates itself as a Sub S specifically for tax purposes. Filing Taxes as an LLCLimited Liability Companies are not recognized by the IRS and must choose whether to file taxes as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
Filing Taxes as a Sub S CorporationA Sub S Corporation does not pay corporate taxes, passing through all of its profits or losses to shareholders. Shareholders pay taxes individually, which are reported to the IRS on a Schedule K-1.
Members vs. ShareholdersAn LLC is comprised of members th
Difference Between S-Corporation & LLC
S Corporations and LLCs share many similarities such as the ability to pass profits and losses to an individual tax return. However, a number of differences exist between the two, such as the length of existence. S Corporations enjoy unlimited life, while some states require LLCs to list a dissolution date. SizeAn S Corporation may have no more than 100 shareholders. On the other hand, an LLC may have an unlimited number of members. Owners of an LLC are known as members.
OwnershipOn their website, Bizfilings indicates resident aliens and other non-U.S citizens can be LLC members. Shareholders of an S Corp must be U.S. citizens. LLCs may be owned by other corporations, LLCs, individuals
The Difference Between LLC & Professional LLC
The difference between an LLC and a professional LLC hinges on a license and malpractice. A limited liability company and a professional limited liability company have very similar structures, and both limit the business liability incurred by their members, as owners are called. But there are special restrictions and requirements of a PLLC formed by certain state licensed professionals to cover the risk of malpractice. Professionals BarredMany states bar several classes of licensed professionals from forming an LLC to carry on the practice of their professions. Which professions are covered varies from state to state, but they generally include medical practitioners, dentists, accountants
What is the Difference Between an LLC C & an LLC P?
An LLC C (LLC) is a limited liability company; while an LLC P (LLP) refers to a limited liability partnership. They are both limited liability company structures offering similar rules and procedures. OriginationLLCs and LLPs are created in the same way by filing articles of organization in the state they are located. These articles describe things such as business name, address, contact information and a description of the business's activities.
Legal ProtectionLLCs and LLPs offer the same liability protection for owners. LLCs have members; while LLPs have partners. Both members and partners of these business structures are considered owners of the company and both have limited liabil
What Is the Difference Between an LC & an LLC?
As business becomes more globalized, it's important to understand the terminology and abbreviations that are attached to different types of companies. Acronyms can be especially tricky, sometimes looking the same but carrying completely different meanings from country to country or slightly different rules between American states. What is an LC?LC is an abbreviation for "limited company," a legal designation for British businesses that keeps the personal assets of a company's owners separate from the company's finances. The American equivalent is called a corporation. There are a few different types of LCs: private limited companies, public limited companies and private unlimited companie
The Difference Between an LLC & an Inc. Business
A limited liability company is a special type of entity that combines the limited liability protection of a corporation with the operational flexibility of a partnership. An incorporated business is a distinct legal entity that has its own identity, which is separate from the company shareholders. HistoryThe LLC business structure has existed in Latin American and European countries since the early half of the 1900s. In 1977, Wyoming became the first state in the U.S. to allow business owners to form an LLC. Many other states followed suit during the 1990s. LLCs are now the most common type of business entity in the U.S., as explained by the Citizen Media Law Project. In contrast, the cor
What Is the Difference Between an LLC & a PC?
There are a handful of ways to officially organize a business. These organizational structures exist to best suit a business's legal and tax needs. Among the choices are the limited liability company, or LLC, and the professional corporation, or PC. The LLC and PC both offer limited liability protection to its members, but differ in member roles, rendering services and taxation. They also differ slightly in how a questionable member is affected in cases of negligence. Member RolesMembers of an LLC don't always, nor are they a required to, perform the goods or services their company offers. Instead, they can opt to limit their involvement to a management role, overseeing the work carried o

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