How to Decorate Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cakes are nice, but cupcakes are such a fun way to celebrate any occasion. They look so adorable when decorated according to a theme and displayed creatively on a platter or cupcake stand. They can be simple or as elaborate as you please. Cupcakes have the perfect amount of icing in every bite, unlike some cakes. So whether the mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or girl, have some fun decorating the cupcakes for her shower..Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Cupcakes any flavor
Icing flavor of your choice
Knife or spreader
Food coloring (optional)
Fondant (optional for some designs)
Pre made decorations (optional)


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How to Decorate Cupcakes for a Bridal Shower
Parties & Entertaining
According to legend, the tradition of a bridal shower carries over from a 16th century Dutch couple, who married without the consent of the bride's father and were cut off from her family. Finding themselves destitute, the couple's friends came together to give them the materials necessary to start a new life together. Whatever the origin, the bridal shower is still a sweet tradition where friends of the bride gather to give gifts and share their hopes for the new couple's future. Instead of a large, formal cake, serve cupcakes for an elegant but relaxed bridal shower.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Buttercream frosting
Pastry bag
1M star tip
Food coloring
How to Make Onesie Cupcakes for a Baby Shower
Parties & Entertaining
Onesie cupcakes make a cute, creative and practical gift at a baby shower. Rather than just giving the onesies as a present, turning them into cupcakes gives the mother something that she can display until the baby is born and something useful when she has the baby. Onesie cupcakes are very easy to make. Even those who are not particularly artistic can create an attractive array of onesie cupcakes.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Two-sided tape
Baking cups
Cupcake wraps
Red pompoms
Glue gun
Cupcake box

Roll a couple of tissues together into a wad. Lay the onesie

How to Display Cupcakes for a Baby Shower
Parties & Entertaining
In many cultures, it is common for family, friends and neighbors to gather together to help new parents prepare for the arrival of their child. The modern-day equivalent of this preparation process is the baby shower. Reduce the cost of planning the shower by incorporating items that can serve two purposes like using cupcakes as edible decorations. Instead of letting them languish on the dessert table, display the cupcakes as table centerpieces or use them as shower favors.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Rubber bands
1-inch-wide ribbon
Card stock paper
Hole punch
1/8-inch-wide ribbon
Masking tape
Small paper do
How to Decorate Cupcakes With Icing Baby Booties
Parties & Entertaining
A platter of cupcakes topped with baby booties made of icing makes the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower. Indeed, your guests are sure to devour this delectable, yet whimsical, treat. Or you can surprise new parents with a dozen of these dainty cupcakes as a welcome home treat. They also make a welcome addition to any baby's first birthday party. To add something extra special, be sure to personalize the cupcakes by writing the name of the baby on the tops.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1 cup buttercream, light color
1 cup buttercream, blue, green or pink
2 plastic baggies

Frost a cupcake

How to Make Baby Shower Cupcakes
Parties & Entertaining
A baby shower is a celebratory event that requires much planning. There is so much to consider -- the decorations, the games and, most importantly, the food. Making your own cupcakes for the baby shower is an economical way to provide the dessert and save money. These cupcakes can also double as decorative center pieces at each table. Your imagination is the only limitation when making cupcakes for your baby shower.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Cupcake batter
Cupcake holders
Cupcake liners
Decorative items
Food color

Create a list of items you will need to bake cupcakes for your baby shower. Check to see if y

How to Make Towel Cupcakes for a Baby Shower
Parties & Entertaining
After a baby shower, you know the best gifts and decorations are the ones that are still useful months after you have had the baby. While your baby quickly outgrows those adorable newborn outfits, baby washcloths can last past the toddler years. Roll up matching baby washcloths with ribbon and decorations to match the baby shower theme. These create cupcake decorations that display beautifully and are functional as well. Display a whole platter or use just a few to accent a diaper or towel cake.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
2 baby washcloths

Fold each washcloth in half lengthwise to form a long rectangle.
Fold each wa

Baby Boy Shower Cupcakes Ideas
Parties & Entertaining
Cupcakes are an ideal addition to baby shower menus given their small, portable size. For a baby boy shower ,try sticking to traditional blue cupcakes or colors that coordinate with the theme if you need to keep it simple. Cupcake toppers can make decorating faster. Animal cupcake toppers coordinate well with a Noah's ark theme. Rubber DuckRubber duck cupcakes are not only easy to make but the toy on top can double as a party favor or gift for the baby. Frost the cupcakes with blue frosting. Use a frosting that easily forms peaks like mousse frosting. This will help the frosting resemble water. Top the cupcakes with a small rubber duck toy.
Pacifier BabyPlastic pacifiers are popular ba

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