How to Decorate a Disney Pixar Cars Cake

"Cars" is a popular Disney movie released in 2006 that follows the life of rookie sports car Lightning McQueen and the friends he meets along the way. Not only is this movie exceptionally popular, it is also a very popular birthday theme. If your child is requesting a "Cars" cake for his birthday, don't worry. Decorating a "Cars" cake is simple. Consult a picture and you'll have a cake with his favorite "Cars" character in no time.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Picture of "Cars" character
Serrated knife
White icing
Food coloring
Black gel icing
Blue gel icing

Find a printable picture of a character fro

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How to Make a Disney's Pixar Cars Cake
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Disney's Pixar animated feature film "Cars" followed the life of an anthropomorphic race car named Lightning McQueen. The movie became popular with little boys and girls alike. If your little "Cars" fan wants a themed birthday party, you can use the movie as the theme and make a special cake using frosting and plastic toys.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Cake mix
8-inch by 13-inch baking dish
Cardboard cake board
Serrated knife
Wax paper
Offset spatula
Piping bag
Three ice cream cones
Car toys

Prepare and bake a cake using your prefer homemade cake recipe or store-bought cake mix. Bake the cake in an

Checklist of Disney Pixar Diecast Cars
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Disney Pixar's seventh feature film "Cars" was released in 2006 and was lauded by both critics and audiences. The merchandising that accompanies the film includes diecast and vinyl cars in a variety of sizes, plush characters, remote control vehicles and an assortment of books and craft items. Due to the popularity of the "Cars" movie and merchandise, Disney/Pixar was scheduled to release a sequel, "Cars 2," in June 2011. "Cars" diecast vehicles come in a variety of styles designed to delight collectors and kids alike. Original Movie DiecastsThis set features the characters from the original "Cars" movie. Each vehicle is equipped as it is in the film, so Mater is brown and in poor repair
Disney/Pixar "Cars" Birthday Party Ideas
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The Disney/Pixar animated sensation “Cars” created a horde of “Cars”-loving children. Hosting a “Cars”-themed birthday party for children is great fun and there are many ways to turn traditional party foods and activities into “Cars”-themed attractions. A “Cars” birthday party can include themed invitations, cake and party games. InvitationsThe best way to introduce a theme to party guests is to start with the invitation. Homemade invitations are easy and cheap--checkered flags; "Route 66" signs; and, of course, the “Cars” characters make perfect invitations for a “Cars”-themed party. Alternative
How to Design a Disney Cars Cake
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"Cars" is not only an extremely popular Disney movie, but also a popular birthday theme for children. Of course, to go along with this theme, "Cars" cakes are also greatly in demand. It is easy to make a "Cars" themed cake: simply make a cake in the shape of a car and decorate it to look like a character from the movie.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Cutting board
9-by-12-inch sheet cake
Serrated knife
White icing
Orange and red food coloring
Black gel icing
Blue gel icing

Bake a sheet cake according to recipe instructions. Allow the cake to cool, then place a cake plate over the top and turn the pan

Disney and Pixar Go Viral With "Cars 2" Faux Ads [VIDEO] (Mashable)
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Mashable - Building on the highly successful campaign from Toy Story 3, the marketers at Disney Pixar have crafted this hilarious and well-produced faux used car advertisement in honor of Cars 2.
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BNIB LEGO Disney Pixar Cars 2 - Limited Edition Tokyo International Circuit
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BNIB LEGO Disney Pixar Cars 2 - Limited Edition Tokyo International Circuit
Selling @ $100. BNIB. Self collect @ Punggol
Original selling $180 @ Toysrus

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Background (1920x1200 res)
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Hi Folks
Got all the Cars 2 wallpapers from the official site and packaged as a background where the image changes every minute.
Of course, the images are copyright of Disney/ Pixar, as mentioned on the images themselves.
Instructions: (EDIT: See next post for another method that doesn't need sudo or the command line)
1. Unzip the zip contents (images and xml file) to a folder
2. Create a new folder 'cars2' in /usr/share/backgrounds
cd /usr/share/backgrounds
sudo mkdir cars2
3. Copy the image

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