DIY Seal 'N Send Invitations

Seal-and-send invitations are an affordable alternative to traditional
card and envelope wedding invitations. This all-in-one style
invitation is also considered a more environmentally friendly option
since all of the information is printed on one folded piece of paper
with a perforated RSVP card, thus eliminating the need for multiple
enclosures. Although the style is more casual than other invitations,
the time and money you can save with seal and sends is well worth the
compromise. Purchased SetsBecause of the perforated response cards
that are key to the all-in-one design of these invitations, it is
probably best to purchase a set of seal and sends that are ready for
printing. This is
Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest splash at your
wedding. Something as subtle as a wax seal on the outer envelope can
take your wedding invitations to a more refined
level.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Wax seal
class="error">Determine what you want on your seal and what color wax
you'd like to use. Choose carefully and have backup options available
should your first choice be unavailable.
Browse through newspapers,
bridal magazines and the Internet. Keep the information you find handy
for decision making.
Browse craft, hobby and gift shops. These
stores may have exactly what you are looking
Weddings are expensive enough without spending hundreds of dollars on
expensive invitations. There is no need to hire a professional--fold
and seal your own invitations for mere pennies each, using simple
supplies that you can find at any stationary or craft
store.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
4 sheets of
card stock
Paper cutter
Scoring tool
Scissors or pinking shears
Word processing
Stickers or positionable tape

Use a
paper cutter to cut two sheets of card stock 6 1/4 inches by 12
Lay one sheet of card stock flat on a hard surface. Place a
ruler lengthwise on the sheet, 2 1/4 inch

Personalized lollipops are one way to invite people to your party or
gathering. You can make lollipop invitations out of heavy card stock,
but for a special and functional touch you can also use real
lollipops.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Medium-sized flat lollipops covered in
Word processing or image editing
Heavy card
Double-sided tape
Drinking glass or jar lid (optional)
Padded mailing

Use a ruler to measure one of your
lollipops. Note the width and height of the candy portion.
Open an
image editing or w

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Seal-and-send wedding invitations are a simple and budget-friendly
choice for wedding stationery. The invitation folds into itself with
the back panel reserved for mailing addresses, eliminating the need
for a separate envelope. The cards typically close in the front with a
seal or sticker of some sort. Roses are also a traditional image for
wedding stationery and can be easily incorporated into the wedding
design. When you are choosing and designing your wedding stationery,
you should have no problem finding rose-themed
invitations.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Navigate to a
stationary or wedding invitation specific website.
Select the "Seal
and Send" style invitations from the webs
Imagine opening your mailbox to find a weathered-looking, thick
envelope with a strange burgundy seal covering the back flap. A letter
such as this would get your attention right away. As you glide your
fingers over the raised wax imprint, you'd pause to admire the beauty
and uniqueness of the envelope before opening it. If you are getting
married and you want your guests to think of your wedding as a unique,
meaningful and personal experience from the start, try sealing your
invitations in an uncommon way. WaxWax seals can provide a vintage
touch to wedding invitations. They can be affordable and are
customizable, which makes them an intriguing option for many couples.
Start by creating
The seal and send invitation is a long, narrow piece of cardstock.
Creases along the length of the invitation allow it to fold in on
itself creating its own envelope. Perforation along the bottom of the
invitation provides your guest with a detachable RSVP card. While it
is possible to make your own seal and send invitations, variations
between word processing programs and printers make it necessary for
you to consult your manuals for exact directions regarding paper
sizing and custom printing.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
11 inches by 17
inches cardstock
Cutting board
Bone folder
2 rulers
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