How to Arrange a Banquet

Banquets present an enjoyable way to celebrate many different types of
occasions. Use one to congratulate a new couple, honor individuals
receiving awards, commemorate special events or recognize a holiday.
Both small and large, banquets bring people together and make events
special. However, even small banquets require a good deal of
consideration and can cause a moderate degree of stress. Formulating a
thorough plan well in advance will insure successful arrangement of a
banquet. By planning ahead, hosts can avoid (or at least be prepared
for) stress and last minute
complications.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Food and drinks
If you are hosting a party or catering a banquet, assemble a fruit
tray. This simple, refreshing platter will allow your guests to pick
and choose their favorites, while filling their stomachs before or in
place of a larger meal. Furthermore, it looks impressive, although the
preparation is minimal. Choose local, seasonal fruits for the freshest
spread and consider incorporating some dips or exotic options for an
exciting variety. Make the tray easily accessible for guests and allow
them to enjoy the tasty variety as they mingle and
chat.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Large fruits (melons, pineapples)
Smaller, sliceable fruits
(apples, oranges, bananas
Food & Drink
Arrange a banquet hall with planning, research and attention to
detail. As you make your plans, try to maximize the space available to
you and consider the overall theme of the event. Have both efficiency
and aesthetic appeal at the forefront of your mind. Your arrangement
of the banquet hall, if properly planned and executed, will contribute
to the success of the event.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Visit the banquet hall and meet with the supervisor of the facility.
Find out if a detailed drawing of the room including dimensions is
available. If not, make a sketch yourself and note the dimensions of
the room. If the supervisor doesn't know the dimensions, measure the
room yourse
Parties & Entertaining
Organize a banquet to say thanks and to cheer on your school's
cheerleading team. The members of a cheerleading squad work hard at
creating routines and rhymes to pep up a crowd and promote school
spirit. A banquet is an ideal way to commend your school's
cheerleaders. When decorating for the event, dress up the tables to
give them a festive and eye-catching appeal, paying homage to
cheerleading and cheerleaders.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You'll
Tea lights
Card stock
class="error">Cover the tables with linens that
Parties & Entertaining
Arrange a beautiful banquet table with ease. Provide a comfortable
and elegant atmosphere for your guests. Folding tables and folding
chairs are convenient and will help you save money and stay within
your budget. Consider the location of the tables in the room and the
accessories that will decorate each table.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Folding dining
Candles and candle holders
Cloth napkins
Ceramic plates
class="error">Clean the banquet room and all of the floor surface
before arranging the tables. A beautiful table will not shine in a
room that has not been prope
Parties & Entertaining
The decor might be gorgeous and the bride's dress beautiful, but it's
usually the banquet table that is the center of attention at a wedding
reception or similar event. Guests typically arrive at a reception
ready to eat, especially if the banquet table looks attractive.
Arrange the banquet table so that it is user-friendly and visually
stunning. Because fruit comes in so many different colors, shapes and
sizes, the fruit platter usually is the most creatively displayed item
on the table.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Pick linens that match the
event for the banquet table. If the event is a wedding, it likely has
a specific color theme. Stick with the same color scheme so that the
buffet is
Parties & Entertaining
Arranging rectangular banquet tables depends on the size and number of
tables, the size of the space and the location of the food. All of
these ingredients combined create several possibilities for banquet
set-ups. The most common denominator here is the banquet table, which
will most likely be a long metal table with folding legs that will be
covered with a fancy cloth of some type.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Arrange your tables like a council meeting,
where everyone sits on the outside of a rectangular grid of tables and
faces inward towards the center of the room. This method is
advantageous in that each person can see everybody else in the room.
Simply arrange the ta
Home & Garden
df <- data.frame(x=1:10,
p1 <- ggplot(df, aes(x,y)) + geom_point() />plist <- list(p1,p1,p1,p1,p1)
# In my real example,a plot
function will fit a ggplot to a list of datasets
#and return a
list of ggplots like the example above.

I'd like
to arrange the plots using grid.arrange() in

How would I do this if the number
of plots in plist is variable?

This works:


but I need a more general solution.

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