Scorched Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning

For some grilling enthusiasts, there's nothing as attractive as the smooth, clean look of a stainless steel grill. Beyond just looks, a grill made of stainless steel offers more even heating and easier cleanup, and will last decades longer than cheaper alternatives. Stainless steel does offer a few unique challenges when cleaning off scorches and burns. Basic CleaningFor regular care and maintenance, cleaning a stainless steel grill is a snap. Steel panels wipe down easily. You can remove splatters and splashes with little more than a damp rag. The cooking grids themselves can be scoured with a wire brush or steel wool.It's a bit harder to remove scorching, a discoloration caused by high

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Care of a Stainless Steel Grill
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In order to keep your stainless steel grill shiny, gleaming, and corrosion free, you must keep it clean. In the beginning it may seem virtually effortless to keep clean, but you will have to do your part in periodically cleaning it, or it will begin to corrode or rust. Grill CareIf you have surface scratches or blemishes on your stainless steel grill, you can clean it using a product called Scratch-B-Gone. This is available for purchase online and in most grocery stores. The product comes equipped with several attachment strips and pads and a cream cleaner. The cream cleaner is first applied to the pad or strip, then you use the pad or strip to wipe the stainless steel in the direction of
How to Clean Scorched Stainless Steel
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Cooking pots made from stainless steel are durable and heat evenly, but they can scorch when you accidentally burn food. There are several things you can try if you have a scorch mark that won't come off easily.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Wooden spatula
Dish soap
Sponge with scouring side
Vinegar or bleach
Barkeepers Friend, Ajax or an SOS pad

Try hot water. Heat the pan on high and add about a cup of water once the pan is hot. The water will sizzle. When the sizzling has stopped, scrape with a wooden spatula to see if you can get any of the scorch marks off.
Let the pan soak. Add water and dish soap to the pan and let

Scorched Stainless Steel Pot Dangers
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Cooks love stainless steel pots and pans for their durability and easy clean-up. Stainless steel pans can go on the stove top and into the oven which makes them versatile. And while there incredibly expensive versions of stainless steel cookware, they can also be relatively affordable. But stainless does scorch and burn, particularly at high heats. Burn marks can be easily cleaned, but just because it looks good does not mean the pan has not been compromised. Consider the risks carefully before you re-use your scorched stainless steel pan. Burned spotsCook with a burnt stainless steel pan and you risk burning the next meal as well. Stainless steel does not transfer heat well so, as
Stainless Steel Vs. White Grill
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When purchasing a grill, you will find various materials for the grates. Among the options are shiny stainless steel grates and white porcelain grates. These both have some advantages over the other option of cast-iron, but they also distinguish themselves from each other in their attributes for cleaning, use and heat retention. Understanding the differences between grate materials will help you decide if you are using the best cooking surface for your grilling style. Uncoated Cast-iron DifferencesUnlike uncoated cast-iron, both stainless steel and white porcelain grates resist rusting. Cast-iron grates must be treated by baking several coatings of oil into the metal to keep rust away fro
How to Remove Scorched Food From Stainless Steel Cookware
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Stainless steel cookware is prized for its beauty and ability to cook food evenly. However, this cookware needs a little extra care to clean and maintain. Scorched food tends to stick to stainless steel pots and pans like glue. Scrubbing with the wrong tools and cleansers might get the job done but it can also leave your pots and pans scratched or pitted. Fortunately, the solution for removing scorched food from stainless steel cookware can probably be found in your pantry.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Baking soda
Non abrasive cleanser
Nylon scrubbing pads
Rubber scraper

Scrape out as much food as possible with a rubber scrap

How to Clean a Scorched Stainless Steel Pot
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Stainless steel pots become scorched by burnt food and grease. The burnt debris clings to the pot and appears as dark-brown or black marks. Simply washing the pot with mild soap and water does not remove the scorch marks completely. You can remove scorch marks from a pot with the proper cleaning ingredients. Once you clean a scorched stainless steel pot, it will look like new.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
2 washcloths
2 tbsp. liquid dish-washing soap
2 bowls
Non-abrasive sponge
1 cup baking soda
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton ball

Soak a washcloth in war

How to Clean a Scorched Stainless Steel Pan
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Stainless steel pans normally boast a mirror-like shine and add a professional touch to any kitchen. These pans require special care and cleaning methods to maintain their shiny finish. Overheating stainless steel, or allowing food to boil over, can scorch the pans and cause discoloration. Clean your stainless steel pan with a gentle, effective method to restore its lustrous appearance. Sometimes, a stainless steel cleaner is necessary for the outside of the pan.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Baking soda
Nonabrasive scrub pad
Dish soap
Stainless steel cleaner (optional)
Cloth (optional)

Scrape away any l

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