How to Throw a Surprise Congratulations Party

Whether it's to welcome a new baby or to celebrate an engagement or another occasion for congratulations, throwing a surprise party can be a fun way to share an exciting event. Hosting a surprise congratulations party may require some additional work, though, since you and all of the guests have to keep the details secret from the guests of honor the entire time you're planning it.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Make a guest list. Creating a guest list may be tricky with a surprise congratulations party because you won't be able to ask the guest or guests of honor who they want to invite. Contact family, friends and co-workers to get the names, addresses and other contact in

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How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party
Parties & Entertaining
Having a surprise birthday party is a tricky thing. Trying to keep the person you are throwing it for in the dark can get hairy, especially if that someone is telling you that they want a birthday party. Here are some hints on how you can make that birthday party a surprise.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

Let the person participate in preparing for the party only let them think the party is for someone else. This works very well if you have two birthdays that are close together. You can let them think it is someone else's party until the time of the party. They may be suspicious but you can carry it off.
Tell the pers

How to Throw a Surprise Anniversary Party
Parties & Entertaining
Your parents or special friends are about to celebrate a special anniversary. It may be their 25th or their 40th or even their 50th. You want to do something special for them so you decide to throw a surprise anniversary party. Here's what you need to do.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Anniversary couple

Decide on a date. It would be better to have the party way ahead of time or after the actual date of their anniversary. Alternatively, you could make it on their anniversary and just invite them to dine with you and your partner.
Make sure you have the couple on board. You have to set up something in orde

How to Throw a Surprise Party for a Boyfriend
Parties & Entertaining
Surprise your boyfriend with a party that celebrates a promotion, an acceptance to school, his birthday or any other special occasion. The challenge is coming up with a theme, getting the guests to the party and, of course, keeping the whole thing a secret. It takes more than turning off the lights and people hiding in the dark for a successful surprise party. Make his bash extra special with a little careful planning.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Decorations (balloons, streamers, birthday signs, ect.)
Food (anything you want to make)
Ice Cream

Research the theme, and relate it to the reason for the party. Surprising your boyfr

How to Throw a Surprise Bachelor Party
Parties & Entertaining
A surprise bachelor party could be a great way for your friend to celebrate his upcoming marriage and such a party isn't particularly difficult to plan. Here is how to throw a surprise bachelor party.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Start by contacting friends of the groom. In order for any surprise party to work, you'll need people to attend. Be sure to tell his friends that the bachelor party is a surprise party so that the groom won't know what is being planned.
Plan the surprise bachelor party for a date and time that the groom won't be expecting a party. If you take your friend out with a bunch of people a few days before the wedding, he's most likely going to be suspicious.
How to Throw a Surprise Engagement Party
Parties & Entertaining
You now have to surprise two people instead of one, and make sure no one gives the surprise away. Enlist help from the couple's family and friends and the party will be a huge success.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Invite the closest family and friends of the bride and groom-to-be. Engagement parties are a way for the couple's friends and family to come together and mingle.
Enlist the help of as many people as you can, as this will make the surprise engagement party easier to throw. Have at least someone from the groom-to-be's family and someone from the bride-to-be's family assist in planning the surprise party.
Find a location for the party. It can be at someone's home or at a re
How to Throw a Surprise Party for a Teen
Parties & Entertaining
Young or old, everyone loves a surprise party. For whatever reason, there is a level of excitement that goes into planning a party that has to be kept discreet from the guest of honor. Throwing a surprise party is a great way to make your teen feel special on their birthday or any other celebration. It is also a great way to get to know their friends and become a little more involved in their lives.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Talk to your teen’s best friend. Your teen’s friends will be your partners in crime for the entire event. They will help you determine the guest list and the contact information for them. Often, it will be up to them to distract the guest of
How to Throw a Good Surprise Party
Parties & Entertaining
The proper planning for a surprise party can make or break the event. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or other special day, the element of surprise brings extra joy to many guests of honor. Choose a theme that you can be confident will please the celebrant and not leave you wishing you had involved her in the planning.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Select a party date other than that of the event you're celebrating to help ensure the surprise. For example, a surprise birthday party on the actual birth date is much less of a surprise than a party held a week earlier.
Send invitations with the party details and the surprise nature of the event clearly outlined. Emphasize the

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