What Should My Child Weigh?

Many children and teens in the United States today are overweight and at risk for related health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), calculations for a child's healthy weight range must take into account the age and height of the individual child. Healthy Weight RangePediatricians will regularly weigh and measure children.Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of D. Sharon PruittA healthy weight range for a child changes with increases in height and with each month of age. Pediatricians regularly weigh and measure each child.
Body Mass IndexThe CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend using Body Mass Index (BMI), starting at the age of

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How to Determine What My Child Should Weigh
Obesity is becoming an increasingly common problem among children and teens and can cause diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and can increase risk factors for heart disease. A child who is underweight may not be getting proper nutrition or could have health or emotional problems. Determine your child's ideal weight range and make adjustments to his physical activity and eating habits if necessary to help him become a strong, healthy and active adult.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Measuring tape
Digital scale
Child and teen BMI chart

Obtain a child and teen BMI calculator or growth chart. You can ask your pediatrician for this; t

How to Weigh a Cattle Trailer at a Weigh Station
Weigh stations use commercial scales capable of measuring the weight of vehicles, trailers and their contents. A weigh station should have certified scales in order to guarantee accurate results. Cattle haulers weigh trailers to get an overall idea of the weight of the cattle and to make sure that they are not overloaded. They must follow laws that mandate pulling into Department of Transportation weigh stations and ports-of-entry.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Truck and attached trailer

Weighing on Co-op ScalesDrive the truck and attached trailer to a co-op or truck stop that has certified scales. Many truck stops advertise the availa

Eager loading child and child-of-child collections in NHibernate

I've got a problem with NHibernate trying to load a small hierarchy of data. My domain model looks like:

class GrandParent
int ID{get;set;}
IList<Parent> Parents {get; set;}
class Parent
IList<Child> Children {get; set;}
class Child

and I would like to eager load all parents and children for a given GrandParent. This Linq-to-NH query creates the correct SQL and loads the GrandParent as expected: (the example assumes the grandparent has 2 parents who each have 2 child objects - so 4 child objects in total).

Adding child elements (divs) to a parent element (div), how can I stop each child affecting the top value of the child after it?

In this jQuery code, I am dynamically adding boxes to the canvas div like this:

var canvas = $('#canvas');
canvas.append('<div id="1"></div>');
.css({ border: '1px solid white',
background: 'orange',
padding: '0.5em',
position: 'relative',
'z-index': 100,
left: '1%', top: '10%',
width: '40%', height: '50%'});
canvas.append('<div id="2"></div>');

Delphi QuickReports: Band order to achieve detail-child-child-child banding?

i need to create a QuickReport in Delphi 5 that is laid out as:

| Report Header
| Detail Band (auto-stretching, repeats)
| Child band (fixed-size)
| Child band (Auto-stretching)
| Child band (fixed-size)
| Report Footer (auto-stretching)
isnt it irony.. when a child is small, d parents put the child in child care centre..
isnt it irony.. when a child is small, d parents put the child in child care centre..
isnt it irony..
when a child is small , d parents put the child in child care centre...
when parents grew old, d child put them in adult care centre aka old folk home..
is tat goot or bad thing???

why does balancing LLRB trees require to check only the right child and both the left grand child and child

In Robert Sedgewick slides about left leaning red black trees he says :

NEW TRICK: Do rotates on the way UP the tree. • left-rotate any right-leaning link on search path • right-rotate top link if two reds in a row found • trivial with recursion (do it after recursive calls) • no corrections needed elsewhere

I tried that and it works, I couldn't understand why is that working without having to check other cases like : right child of the right child and left child of the right child

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