How to Counteract the Effects of Video Games on Children

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A steady diet of video games affects children in many ways, according to researchers at the National Institute on Media and the Family. Some 11.9 percent of video-game players show all the symptoms of addiction, according to the institute. Excessive video-game playing leads to increased violent and aggressive behavior, declines in school performance, attention problems and social isolation. If your child shows signs of addictive behavior or is spending more time with her computer than her friends, there are some things you can do to help.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Set limits on the amount of time your child can play a computer game. According to the National Institute o

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Effects of Computer Games on Children
Computer games are a huge money-making industry, generating $21.3 billion in sales in 2008, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and children make up a large percentage of that market. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 83 percent of children ages 8 to 18 have a computer game system in their household. The prevalence of computer games in society has brought them under heavy scrutiny, like other media giants (television and movies) before it. Researchers have conducted studies to examine the effects that computer games have on children and, like television and movies, have found both positive and negative effects. AggressionOne of the more prominent concerns that parents and r
The Effects of Video Games on Children Blinking a Lot
Working at a computer for long periods is common these days–not just for adults but for children playing video games or surfing the Internet. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which often causes excessive blinking in children, is particularly hazardous because young eyes are not yet well-developed and excessive daily stress can affect regular vision development. MyopiaNot so long ago children spent their free time playing outdoors, which gave their eyes the opportunity to focus on objects near and far. These days, many children use computers at school and then come home and play computer games. According to the web site All About Vision, this has resulted in a higher incidence of myop
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Many people are well aware of the effects of excessive drinking -- headache, upset stomach, thirst, and nausea. While there are many folk remedies to prevent hangovers such as junk food, orange juice and aspirin, very few have proved to actually work. However, besides simply cutting back, there are methods confirmed by studies to reduce or counteract the effects of alcohol consumption.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Eat first. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol is absorbed faster into the body if you drink on an empty stomach, making you more likely to become inebriated and suffer a hangover. To reduce the likelihood of this, eat a small snack before a night of drinking, or drink a small g
The Effects on Children Using Video Games
The academic community has determined that video games have both positive and negative effects on children. However, the community is still questioning exactly how much of effect video games have in either direction on children. While the studies differ in results, they generally encourage parental involvement in selecting age-appropriate games for children. ViolenceMany studies have linked video game violence to children's aggression, but others have claimed that the link is not substantial. The studies that claim a link between violence and video games show correlation instead of a causal relationship, which means the studies haven't clarified whether games make children more aggressive
How to Counteract the Effects of Watching Too Much TV in Children
Many children spend every free moment in front of a television, often watching violent acts and sexual scenes at a young age. Even children spending excessive time viewing family friendly and educational shows are missing out on real life fun. The negative effects include childhood obesity, poor language and communication skills and lower grades in school. Counteract the negative effects of too much TV by getting your children outside, involved and having fun with the family.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Pull the plug and get outside. Plan a camping trip, pop a tent and break out the grill. Bring bikes, frisbees, swimsuits and fishing poles. Allow kids to bring books to read for
Bad Effects of Video Games on Children
Video games have been around for decades and have been the center of furious debate for just as long. While they can clearly be entertaining mediums with which to pass time, there has also been controversy over the negative effects of video games, particularly toward children. Social IsolationismVideo games have been linked to growing social isolationism among children. Because of the immerse, addictive nature of many video games, children become so caught up in playing them that they neglect other aspects of socialization and their abilities to socialize and interact with others may degrade over time. Many video games now come with the ability to play and even converse with other players
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chamomile tea

Take deep breaths. Breathe in for four counts, then out for eight counts. Repeat this until you feel relaxed.

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