Prom Etiquette & Presenting a Corsage

Prom is a formal gathering. In addition to following the rules for behavior and dress code set by your school, there are several ways to make a good impression on your date and peers. InvitationsWhile it is traditional for a boy to ask a girl to prom, it is also acceptable for a girl to ask a boy to be her date. Invitations should be made in person and at least a month before the event. When you say "yes" to a prom invitation, you are committed.
AttireLadies attending the prom should wear a cocktail-length dress. If your dress is strapless, wear a shawl or wrap. Gentlemen can rent a tuxedo or wear a dress suit with dress shoes. Dates should discuss their attire beforehand, so colors do

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DIY Wrist Corsage for Homecoming & Prom
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If you want to stand out in the sea of taffeta and tulle at your homecoming or prom then accessorize by making your own wrist corsage. You can fully customize your corsage to be as simple or as funky as you want. Most people at school dances are going to buy their corsages at a florist, where roses and orchids are most popular. Don't be ordinary when you can be extraordinary. Making your own wrist corsage is a simple way to show how individual you are.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Floral or nonfloral focal piece
Floral or nonfloral base
Floral or nonfloral filler
Corsage wristband with metal clip
Needle-nose pliers
Bow or feather puff
Wedding Flower Etiquette: Boutonniere & Corsage
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Planning a wedding is no small task. A bride has so much to think about and details to attend to leading up to her big day. Worrying about boutonniere and corsage etiquette should not be on a bride's mind while she is preparing for the wedding. Learn boutonniere and corsage etiquette before the big wedding day. Being prepared and armed with knowledge of how to pin a boutonniere and who should receive a corsage will help reduce stress on the day and the chance of offending someone special. Who Gives Boutonnieres & CorsagesTraditionally, the groom is responsible for giving floral corsages to both the bride's and groom's mother and grandmothers. The groom is also responsible for giving bouto
The Prom Corsage Tradition
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Prom is a time honored tradition that most seniors look forward to all year. Girls spend weeks choosing just the right dress, shoes and accessories. The boys rent a tux, think about transportation and order a corsage for their date. Aside from being a senior highlight, it is also a right of passage.
The tradition of prom is believed to have originated somewhere around 1895. It was originally a formal dance for upperclassmen in college but it soon became popular around 1930 with high school seniors. One of the most well known traditions associated with prom is the corsage. How did the tradition of giving a corsage first begin? The Orgins
Popular Prom Corsage Styles
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It has become tradition that a date presents his lady with a corsage on the night of the prom. Although it is not compulsory, most girls would expect their date to present them with one. A corsage can really make a girl stand out in photographs if it is chosen to complement her gown. However, there are many corsage styles to choose from. The most popular corsages are those that are worn on the wrist, sometimes referred to as wristlets, or those that are pinned onto the dress. Remember to take photographs early in the evening when the corsage is looking its best so that the memories last. Wrist CorsageA wrist corsage typically features a small flower arrangement that is tied together with
Prom Corsage Ideas
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Prom is a magical night for high school sweethearts, best friends and classmates. Flowers have been a part of these formal affairs for as long as they have been enjoyed by teens everywhere. The corsage, a small floral arrangement traditionally meant to be worn on the bodice of a lady's gown, has transformed over the years into an individual expression of taste. Open your eyes to the possibilities and create an amazing work of art to wear and cherish. Traditional CorsagesTypically crafted from roses, carnations or mums, the corsage of our mothers' generation was worn on the left side, near the shoulder. As a corsage generally involves a pin, a nervous escort and a confusing placement issue
How to Put on a Prom Corsage
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Concerns over pinning the corsage in the wrong spot or accidentally poking a date with a pin can make presenting the corsage a very awkward moment. Putting on your date's corsage is a lot easier than you may think. Whether you've chosen a pinned corsage or a wrist corsage for your date, learn how to attach it worry-free in just a few simple steps.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Safety pins

Pinned CorsagesTurn the corsage over and unlatch the pin on the back that will be used to pin the corsage to your date's dress. If the pin is small, or the fabric of your date's dress is thick, you may need additional pins to ensure the cor

What Do You Need to Make a Prom Corsage?
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The prom corsage has been a dress embellishment for a young lady from her date for generations. The corsage can be silk or real flowers. The young man or his parents order the corsage and hand-deliver it to the home of his prom date. The corsage can be made by a group of students, a parent or prom attendees before the big celebration. A few basic materials are need to make the traditional shoulder, wrist or an alternative corsage. Pin CorsageA traditional corsage is created by wiring real flower stems and wrapping them with a colored floral tape. To make a pin-on corsage you need florist wire, floral tape and a set of two corsage pins. It is important to have a good set of wire cutters to

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