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Gay adoption is known as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) adoptions. Several countries around the world allow LGBT couples to adopt, however, in the United States many states restrict LGBT couples, but not individuals, from pursuing adoption. Where can LGBT adoptLGBT couples can adopt in Andorra, Belgium, Canada and Denmark, according to 365gay news. Lesbian and Gay singles can adopt in 48 states, except for Florida and Utah, according to Joint adoption by same sex-couples is only legal in eight states, including California and Delaware, according to
DebateIn the United States, same-sex adoption is a topic of debate among politicians and

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Child Adoption Pros & Cons
U.S. families often research the pros and cons of child adoption before deciding whether they would like to proceed. While many prospective adoptive parents opt to grow their families through adoption and joyfully welcome children through this process, adoption does require emotional and financial resources. Adoptive parents may need to wait for a lengthy period of time, pay expensive adoption costs and adjust emotionally after the children come into their homes. Options for AdoptionAmerican adoptive parents benefit from a variety of options, including domestic adoption through a private agency, adoption through a foster care agency or international adoption. Each family can decide on a p
What Are the Pros & Cons of International Adoption?
Adoption is complex and challenging. When you adopt internationally, the complicity of adopting a child increases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 21.449 children per year came to the United States for adoption between 2005 and 2009. Although there are so many pros to international adoption, there are just as many cons to adopting outside of the United States. You're a ParentBecoming a parent is the most rewarding experience a person can experience. When you adopt a child internationally, you are bringing the child into your home and offering your unconditional love. Whether you have children already or this is your first child, you will proudly
Gay & Lesbian Adoption Facts
In 2008 there were 129,000 children waiting to be adopted, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported. In 2007, the Urban Institute reported that two million gay or lesbian individuals said they had considered adoption. A hotly debated issue in the United States is whether or not those two million interested individuals should be able to adopt the children in need. There is currently no federal law that explicitly bans or allows gays and lesbians to adopt; the decision is left up to each state. DebateThe debate over whether or not gay men and lesbians should be able to adopt children is essentially a fight over whether or not an individual's sexual orientation affects his
Lesbian & Gay Adoption Rights
Thousands of children await families in foster care in the United States and in foreign countries, and gay and lesbian couples can be a valuable resource for agencies trying to find families for these children. HistoryHistorically, gay and lesbian couples were automatically barred from adopting children. However, at one time so were families who were not infertile, older couples, single parents, minority families and those with handicaps. Things have changed for all these groups.
ConsiderationsAccording to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, most state laws do not specifically restrict adoption by gay and lesbian couples, with the exception of Florida and Mississippi. However, they
What Are the Pros and Cons of Open Adoption?
"An increasing number of adoption professionals feel that openness between the birth parents, adoptive parents and the child benefits the child, and often all parties involved," explains However, each adoption situation is different, and all involved parties need to take time to weigh the pros and cons of open adoption before settling on a decision that meets their needs. Knowing the types of open adoption, as well as some common pros and cons of open adoption, help all involved make an informed decision TypesFamily Education, a website that is part of the Family Education Network and the first Internet parenting site, explains that open adoptions can be open or semi-open. I
Gay & Lesbian Adoption Laws
Few recent political debates in the United States have occasioned as much passion, conviction and anger from both sides as the issue of rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders--especially as they relate to marriage and adoption. The federal government does not have a law on the adoption rights of same-sex couples, so the response varies from state to state. The legal issues focus on three situations: adoption as individuals, adoption as couples and adoption of the children of same-sex partners. Adoption by SinglesThe District of Columbia and 49 of the 50 states allow single gay men and women to file petitions, as individuals, to adopt children. Florida is the only state to e
Pros & Cons of Adoption
Adoption affects all parties involved. The child, birth parents and adoptive parents must negotiate complicated issues that other families take for granted. But by understanding the pros and cons of adoption, each person can navigate with a clearer understanding of the inherent issues. Cons: RecordsWith the exception of a few states, adoption records are sealed. For the adopted child who may someday want identifying information, this means this will not be possible through normal channels of government.
Cons: AbandonmentAdoption commonly creates in the adopted child a form of separation anxiety that can manifest itself throughout their lives. Questions of abandonment can affect relatio

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