How to Change a Friend Into a Boyfriend

Friendships are an invaluable part of life, and having a strong friendship is a great foundation for a healthy relationship. The transition from platonic to romantic may seem scary, but there are ways that you can test the waters to see where the other person stands on this matter. This may be a risky adventure, but its worth exploring.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make sure that you are happy with yourself first and foremost. This happiness will be like a magnet. People naturally want to gravitate towards a happy, positive personality. Letting yourself shine is a great way to have a man take notice of your beauty and ignite a desire to be near you to share that happiness.
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How to Get Along With a Boyfriend's Best Friend
Relationships & Family
As most people know when they enter a serious relationship with someone, these relationships come with friend and family dynamics. Usually if there are significant negative issues with family or friends the couple will not last. This is especially true for a boyfriend's best friend. To win his best friend over, there are certain pitfalls a girl must avoid.
How to Get a Best Friend to Stop Hating Your Boyfriend
Relationships & Family
Relationships can be fickle things that given any upset will change at a moment's notice. This is never more so than when a person's best friend just cannot get along with the boyfriend. It is tough to make both happy, but with a little effort, you can bring the best friend around to liking or at least tolerating your boyfriend.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Talk to your best friend about the discord. It may be a simple misunderstanding, but even if it is not, you can at least learn your best friend's reasons for hating your boyfriend. Just ask your best friend in a calm and concise manner why she hates your boyfriend.
Ask them both to spend time with you. Ask them both to go out to d
How to tell your best friend her boyfriend is breaking up with her to go out with you
Relationships & Family
One of the the most important rule between best friends is to never date a friend's ex. Somehow people end up breaking this rule and wind up putting their friendship in danger. Read these steps on how to break it down to your friend that her man is looking for a brighter future with you.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions First of all, rethink your decision before making the relationship with your friend's boyfriend official. Think back on the good memories and years you've spent with your friend and ask yourself if a guy is really worth breaking a great friendship apart. Or put yourself in her shoes and imagine what if your girlfriend did the same to you? How would you feel? If
How to Turn Your Best Friend into Your Boyfriend
Relationships & Family
Learn how to turn your best guy friend into your boyfriend. Your best guy friend might have been that special guy that you've been searching for all your life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Test the waters and see where you are on the friendship/lover scale to him. Discover if you are just a friend or definitely someone worth pursuing. Hang out with your best friend one day and see if he responds to a flirtatious comment. Notice if he blushes or merely looks the other way.
Suggest watching a movie and remember to make it either a horror flick or a romantic story. See if he responds to your flirtatious gestures. Put your head on his shoulder or grab his arm or chest if you're scared.
How to Help a Friend Whose Boyfriend Cheated
Relationships & Family
Almost nothing is more painful to a woman, especially a young woman hoping for marriage and children, than finding out that Prince Charming has cheated on her. Although few women go through life without having this experience at least once, it's near-universality doesn't make it any easier for her to bear. What will make it easier is the presence of a caring, supportive friend who will help her through those initial weeks and months of unhppiness by being there and bolstering her self-confidence.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Listen to your friend. Be with her while she cries her eyes out. Tell her what a louse the guy is and that he doesn't deserve her. Tell her she can do better. Don'
How to Ask Your Best Friend to Stop Flirting With Your Boyfriend
Relationships & Family
As a woman, you may have wished that your best friend and your boyfriend would hit it off from the moment they met so that you all could have fun together and maintain a cohesive and balanced relationship. However, when your best friend and your boyfriend cross the line and begin flirting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, the relationship you thought you had wanted them to share may become your worst nightmare. Confronting your best friend and your boyfriend about their relationship with one another is often your best option.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Think carefully about the type of flirting that you feel you're witnessing between your best friend and your boyfri
female friend looking for boyfriend
Relationships & Family
female friend looking for boyfriend
hi all,
my female friend is looking for a boyfriend. she is 23, chinese, pretty, thin, short, english-speaking, uni-educated.
if you fit most or all of the below requirements, pm me and i'll try to set something up.
23-27 years old
preferably working or earning income(but not necessary)
okay with a clingy girl
looking for long-term relationship

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