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Foster parenting can be a difficult but emotionally rewarding experience. As a foster parent, you will provide a temporary home (typically 6 to 18 months) for children who are separated from their parents due to legal or protective removal. To be a foster parent in Indiana, you need to submit an application; undergo a physical exam, background check, family assessment and initial training; and receive licensing from the Department of Child Services (DCS).Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Be 21 years or older
Stable home with room for a foster child
Clean criminal history
Financial and emotional stability

Apply to be a foster parent w

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Can Foster Parents Claim Foster Kids?
The qualifying child rules dictate which kids you can claim as dependents on your tax return. The IRS limits eligibility to a number of relationships that must exist between the taxpayer and the dependent. And although the IRS includes your foster kids as one of the permissible relationships, this is just one of many requirements you must satisfy to claim their dependency exemptions. Qualifying ChildThe IRS allows you to claim your foster kids as dependents if you satisfy the remaining qualifying child requirements. Only after you establish that you cannot satisfy these requirements can you evaluate your eligibility under the alternative qualifying relative rules. The rules require that y
What Are Foster Parents?
Child welfare agencies temporarily remove children from their parents if the children have experienced neglect, abuse or other safety concerns. Foster parents care for these children in their own homes while the state determines whether the children can return to their parents' custody or live permanently with other relatives. In some situations, known as kinship care, the child's relatives can also temporarily serve as foster parents. RoleFoster families take care of children placed with them for a temporary period, which can last for a few days up to many years. During this time, the state's child welfare agency retains legal custody while the agency works with the child's parents to de
Conflicts Between Foster Parents & Foster Children
Foster parents accept children whose parents cannot safely care for the children into their homes and raise them with an ultimate goal of the children's returning to their parents when their living situation has improved. Unfortunately, foster families often encounter conflicts in their time together, ranging from difficulties bonding to physical abuse. ResentmentAlthough the foster parents taking a child in are not responsible for his or her circumstances, some foster children still develop resentment for their foster parents and blame them for the separation from their family. The foster children feel as if their foster parents are responsible for keeping them away from their loved ones
The Effects of Foster Parenting on the Biological Children of Foster Parents
Foster children face many difficulties when they are forced to integrate into a new family, but the family itself faces many other obstacles. The biological children of the foster parents are most sensitive to the many changes that the family faces, including having to share their parents' time and focus. Proper preparation is important, but there is almost no way to fully prepare a child for what they will face. Foster children in a home do provide some benefits that the biological child can enjoy. Shared Parental TimeFoster children represent an investment of time by a foster parent. The child requires time to learn to trust his new family, and the reality of the child's past complicate
How to Become a Foster Parent in Indiana
When children in Indiana are at risk for abuse or neglect, or their biological parents are unable or unwilling to care for them, foster parents play an important role. Foster parents not only provide basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, but also offer a safe and secure environment for children. Indiana residents who wish to provide foster care for children can apply for a license either through the Department of Child Services or through an independent licensing agency.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Background check
Four references

Meet the eligibility requirements. Foster parents in Indiana must be at least 21

How to Welcome a Foster Child if You Are a Daughter to the Foster Parents
Your parents have decided to take a foster child into their home. But, this is also your home. If your parents are prepared to foster, they are probably the kind of adults who will have discussed this issue with you. However, it is quite normal for you to have some mixed feelings about this. Part of you may be proud that your parents are prepared to do something which may transform the life of another child. But, you may also have concerns. You know that some things will change in the home. You may also wonder how you are going to get along with the kid. But, one thing is sure. You are very important to the success of this new situation.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Welcome the child on
How to Become Foster Parents in AZ
Making the decision to become a licensed Arizona foster parent is a rewarding one. You will be happy with your choice as your family is built. There are several requirements and processes that you must complete before you can be certified and licensed as a foster parent in Arizona.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Contact your local Arizona foster care agency or the Arizona Department of Economic Security, otherwise referred to as ADES. Ask them to send you an informational kit in the mail. This will provide a brief overview of the process of enrollment into the foster care program.
Get together with the ADES and set up an appointment for an orientation meeting. Here you will learn wh

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